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The latest news from the Joomla!: Joomla 2.5.13 and 3.1.4 Stable have been released on 25 July 2013. And what's new in these packages?



Released as a commercial template for Joomla! Club, SJ Financial would be very special type with K2 and Kunena component inside, so that we can use it for portals, forums and blogs based on Joomla! Named SJ Financial, it is very cool template for financial news, forex websites and stock boards!

SJ Financial

A few days ago, K2 team has released K2 version 2.6.7. This version fixed a minor VEL report, improvements anti-spam security and added many new features such as integrated Akismet, new ACL option, improved PHP 5.4 support.

K2v2.6.7 released
Thanks to many people from participating testers to hundreds of community users. VirtueMart team has been released the Gold version of the vm2.0.x series. This released includes both many new features and fixes.

VirtueMart 2.0.22 released

Another template from SmartAddons Club using K2 and YT Framework version 2.0 have released. It is also another template with special purpose for social optimization thanks to using social modules integration! SJ Tech has all features that we need to.

SJ Tech

A special template with one page layout, along with clean and clear positions... those are what SJ Me offers Joomla! Club members. This has K2 integrated, so we can use it for creating Website with blog.


We have released another commercial template for Joomla! Club. This would be a special one with SobiPro component inside, so that we can use it for creating Website with directory, portfolio and membership based on Joomla! It is SJ Information.

SJ Information

SJ Me - template for Joomla! club would be released in June. SJ Me is a responsive template for Joomla!, with one-page layout and integration into K2 component. Very wealthy on main page layout, we can use this as destination of all content stuff that we want

We can use it for personal blog, but it is powerful enough as well to expand for portfolio Website. Using SJ Me, we can create and show complicated content with Joomla! articles or multimedia content with blog posts, maps and forms by using K2.

Here are some images for previewing. To improve it, just leave comments to us below:
SJ Expo will help you to create directory Websites about big events like trade fair, expositions and exhibitions. One using it, you can both post articles and blogs about events, then navigate visitors into each one through a infinitive gallery of images and a flexible mega menu of items. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also integrated into.

SJ Expo

SJ Expo will be our next template for Joomla! club, and also available for single purchase. This is template for May, a month of many promotion, so kindly keep up to date if you want to buy this template with bargain.

SJ Expo is a responsive template for Joomla!, and integrated with K2 component. We use it as directory to give you the impression of wealthy content inside; with blog posts, location maps and rating forms.

Using SJ Expo, we can create complicated directory Website with Joomla! CMS by just using K2 listing, for exposition contexts such as exhibition schedule, location renting, PR-related jobs... easier than ever.

Here are some images for previewing.
What do you think about this template and how to improve it, just leave comments to us below:
SJ Information will be released few next weeks as a bonus for our membership, and single purchase also available. SJ Information is a responsive template for Joomla!, and designed with SobiPro component.
Using SobiPro, we can create very flexible and and powerful portal for listing products or services such as SJ Resorts. Now with SJ Information, creating directories listing for real estate, jobs... are easier than ever.
What do you think about this template and how to improve it, just leave comments to us below.

Here are some images for previewing:
Updated: This is released here SJ Jare
SJ Jare will be Joomla! template in our next release. SJ Jare is a responsive template for Joomla!, and designed with VirtueMart component in its core. It provides a base for creating high quality e-commerce stores, especially for those using Joomla! along with VirtueMart.
Besides, its responsiveness, full range of colors to be chosen and many cool effects by jQuey and CSS3 are highly featured and intentionally created.

What's special in this release? Here are some images for previewing:
For local context, are you finding a Joomla! template suitable to fast food and groceries?
It is the time to introduce you SJ Bakery, a coming-soon responsive Joomla! template created with VirtueMart store. This will help you sell online by building an easy-to-customize yet powerful Website.

Name: SJ Bakery - Responsive VM Theme
Support Joomla! 2.5.x and many in-house extensions included FREE!

What special? Here are some more images for previewing:
[SmartAddons - SJ Lotte] This year will begin with Joomla! templates for K2, with another one called SJ Lotte would be released soon. SJ Lotte is made with K2 component to help content building be easier task, and certainly it supports responsive layout to serve various screen sizes.

Name: SJ Lotte - Responsive Joomla! Template with K2 Component
This template, as usual, includes many in-house premium extensions. Those, with K2 as well, will be built into Quickstart package for your convenience.

SJ Lotte would supply a broad range of usages. However, the screenshots below with an our demo, are showing you how suitable this template might be for developers and managers setting up an online menu.

Responsive SJ Lotte

SJ Lotte offers these images for previewing:
[SmartAddons - SJ Wall Blog] After getting thoughts from customers on how creative a design would be, our 2013 year will begin with an insightful and special template that is made for Joomla! and K2 component. Discovering features below, you will release that this design is a brand-new layout created for Joomla! ever. Content building with premiums extensions, multiple types of menu and various colors to suit your taste... are now depending on your comments to be improved.

Name: SJ Wall Blog - Joomla! Template with K2 Component
Made for Joomla! 2.5 and K2 Component along with many SJ extensions developed in-house.
This template supplies a kit to people whose products portal, review websites or marketing blogs throughout every steps of engaging visitors, contact them and generate sales!

SJ Wall Blog offers these images for previewing:
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