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If you own a Joomla website, this article is very useful for you to recommend some hot tips to optimize it. Using these tips not only improves SEO for your site but also brings the natural interaction or conversion rate. Here are 9 hot TIPS for Joomla SEO 2016 introduced.
8 Hot Joomla SEO Tips in 2016

1. Using a good Joomla hosting server for your website

Firstly, all you need is a fast reliable server because it will improve your site speed which is an important key to friendly with Google. SiteGround do a fantastic job of hosting Joomla websites as a recommendation. Remember that Google does not like the website which is not fast.

2. Keyword, Key-phrase, and Topic Research, choose the right keywords

Any optimization of content for SEO, the first thing we do is keyword research, whether you are doing SEO for Joomla or for any other website. What we will focus strictly on specific keywords is not necessary - you can and actually should use phrases and synonyms of your target keywords - because search engines will be able to extract the content out of the article much better. You can use hints from Google itself by looking at the suggestions at the bottom of a search page.
And one important thing that it's always difficult to find the right keywords to target. How can we suggest some relevant words which will recommend the keywords? Or how we find our good long tail keywords. It helps us to save lots of time. And it helps us bring plenty of great traffic.

3. Enable Search Engine Friendly URL

SEF component is highly recommended because of its powerful features which are typically significant offers SEO advantages over the core component. One of popular Joomla SEO plug-in is sh404SEF. Besides creating SEF URLs, it allows you to monitor which requests are generating 404 errors, such that you can ensure you any broken areas of your site are immediately fixed. These are especially useful after migrating a new website. You can also choose to redirect old URLs to the new URLs. In addition, Meta descriptions are also supported by sh404SEF, and it has great support for other popular Joomla components such as Kunena forum and others popular components.

4. Create Internal Links to pass Page Rank

Another easy to do aspect of Joomla SEO, which is many times overlooked is the practice to create internal links. Remember that at the very bottom of your page, you should have a listing of all the articles which you want to pass Page Rank to.

5. Improve your meta descriptions

Joomla SEO gets a huge positive effect if you implement careful title and meta description.
Also, remember to create a description for your site which is optimized for search engines. The Joomla SEO settings can be found here under System > Global Configuration > Site Meta Description and Site Meta Keywords. It also goes without saying, that your site Joomla Robots section should be set to Index, Follow so that search engines indexing can occur.

6. Specify the image dimensions

Image size is one of the important points of loading speed, it is also the reason why you need to reduce or make lighter your images because it's the way help you to optimize your site.
Lighter images:
A couple of online services to make our images lighter and keep the quality are:
• - for JPG files
• - for PNG files

7. Use good names and ALT tags for your images

In addition, using good names and ALT tags for images that will make your site more friendly with SEO and highly ranked by Google or any Optimized tool.

8. Work friendly on mobile

If your site it mobile-friendly, it will be favored in search engine results to sites which are not mobile-friendly. By default means that if your site is not mobile-friendly, your site is getting a very strong negative ranking signal. So you should make sure you've made the necessary changes to make it responsive and mobile friendly.

Thanks for reading! We hope it useful for you!
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