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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I join the SmartAddons Club for Products?

Please try to do steps:

Step 1: Click "Join Now", select the membership package and make your payment via Paypal or 2Checkout. Our "Special Offers" and "Promotions" also come at this page.
Step 2: If your payment is successful, login details to access the Member Download Area will be sent to your email and you can start downloading instantly. This process normally takes less than 5 minutes.

Which Joomla! membership package is the best for me?

You are recommended to register the following packages as they will bring to you the best benefits:

* Joomla Template Club - Business License
* Joomla Template Club - Developer License
* Joomla Extension Club - Business License
* Joomla Extension Club - Developer License

How much does it cost?

We have many Membership Packages for you to choose. Each package has different prices, durations and number of Supported domain. The membership duration starts instantly from the moment you make payment and receive login details from Visit our Join Now Page to view the various memberships available for the products with details.

SmartAddons membership fee is one-time fee, or I have to pay extra?

When your membership is expired, you can still use all our templates, extensions downloaded during your membership period without paying any extra fee. However, in order to continue downloading our new/update/upgrade templates/extensions or access to Download area, you should renewal your membership.

I do not have a Paypal account. Do you support other payment methods?

Yes! You can pay through all of payment gateways that Paypal or 2Checkout supports including all major types of Credit cards. Visit Paypal and 2Checkout for more information.

I have paid for my membership but not yet received login details. What's the problem?

Normally, our system delivers login details instantly after a SUCCESSFUL payment. There are some cases that your payment is NOT SUCCESSFUL and we have to review and process download information manually.

  • You used ECHECK (Paypal)
  • Your Credit card location is different from your IP address
  • You used Proxy to make payment
  • Your payment was flagged as FRAUD by 2CheckOut or PENDING by Paypal
What to do next?

Contact us if you feel your case is not listed above.
Have you checked your BULK/SPAM email folders?
If you do not receive any email after 48 hours (4 business days if you use ECHECK). Please contact us with proof of payment (Payment Receipt or Order number)

Can I share my username? Why is my account suspended?

No. One username and password can be used by one buyer with up to five IP addresses only.
Any attempt to share the username and password will result in the automatic suspension of your account. If your download traffic logs exceed the total number of allowed downloads, your account will be suspended immediately.

How to renew/upgrade my membership?

After you log in to SmartAddons site, go to member page, click Renew/Upgrade Button to renew/upgrade your membership

Membership fees are refundable?

Please read our Refund Policy.

Can I still use templates, extensions after my membership expires? Do I have to pay more?

When your membership expires, you can still use all templates and extensions downloaded during your membership period for your registered domains without paying any extra fee. In case you expect to use our templates for additional domains, you are required to renew/upgrade your membership. Access to downloads, updates, forum is automatically restricted on expiry of membership

After my subscription expires, can I download update packages of SmartAddons Products?

No. You are required to renew your membership in order to continue downloading our updates of templates, extensions.

Can I add more domains after expiration?

No. You will not be able to add more domains. However, all registered and verified domains are life-time licensed for such products. This is applicable for memberships requiring registration of domains for usage and support.

Can I try out a commercial template before I buy?

We do not offer trial templates.
We have set up demo sites for each of our commercial templates so that you may see the template in action.
Should you have questions regarding a particular template, please visit our Community Forum. You may find a similar question has already been answered, or you may post a new questions if not.

Can I download modules/extensions built into SmartAddons templates, as shown in the demo? Or Do I have to pay?

All extensions used in the Demo Site are available for download along with the template and are also part of the Quickstart Package. No additional fee is required.

I don't have time, can you install the template/extension for me?

Yes, we provide Template Installation Service and Extension Installation Service, in which we will install the template/extension like their demos for you within 24 hours. No other customization would be done.

Is there a download limit?

Downloads are unlimited for the duration of your membership, meaning you can download all the templates, extensions, sources and other packages as many times as you like, at any point during your subscription. Downloads will be restricted after your membership expires.

Can I re-sell SmartAddons templates?

No. You are not allowed to re-sell SmartAddons templates and extensions. However, you are entitled to customize SmartAddons templates, extensions for your clients.

How to get support after my membership is expired?

Once your membership expires, you will be no longer get technical support from us. If you want to continue receiving support, you can buy the extended support service to extend support to 3, 6 or 12 months.

Joomla Templates Club Questions

What is a QuickStart package?

What is exactly a QuickStart Installation provided on your template and how do i install it?

The QuickStart package included all the files needed to install Joomla latest stable version, our template, components, modules and plugins, also the sql dump content included to set the template exactly like we show on the demo showcase.

QuickStart = Joomla + yt template + components, modules and plugins + sql demo content.

How to install?

Just create a new database, unpack and upload all the files available inside of the quickstart folder to your joomla website. Them make a normal joomla installation and login into your administrator panel using "admin" as username and "demo" as password.

Exact step by step quickstart installation process will be found here.

Can I remove copyright from the footer?

Yes, you are perfectly free to remove the Copyright (or logo) information from the footer if you are membership in JTC-Developer. Please read more info here

How often are new templates released?

We usually release 1 template per month, but sometimes we will release extra bonus templates as an added benefit to our members

Do you provide source files, if so, in what format?

Yes, we provide source files in the Adobe PhotoShop PSD format. Therefore, you can send requirement of source files to our system ticket or email to

When is your plan to add new template?

Each month, we will release one template. If you have any ideas for new template, please post here

Love all our templates?

Join our membership clubs starting at $49 only for access to all of our templates

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