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VirtueMart 3.2, is also known as VirtueMart 3.0.20 Candidate is a big upgrade in VirtueMart development with lots of extremely improvements. It is not a stable version, so, please backup your site before testing it with your live website.
VirtueMart 3.2: Cached & Optimized - A Huge Step in VirtueMart Development
Lets create the golden version with new ideas and taking part in the testing stage. Now, let's see what's new in latest VirtueMart 3.2.

Better display options and improved backend GUI

This is the most interesting feature of the new core. The new options for categories are set globally in the VM configuration and can be finetuned in the category itself and/or in the menu item of the category. The old frontpage view "virtuemart" won't be developed further, but it will still work for updaters. Besides, the GUI enhancements in the backend will help to reduce clicks and provide a better overview of the store. Ajax loaded categories and javascript outsourced into libraries do increase the performance when browsing the administration area.

Improvements under the hood

The system design is more consistent and more follows the object caching strategy. This allows to load a full object, even we just need the name. VirtueMart 3.2 also uses the new handling of the JLanguage object that allows to handle different languages in one page call, for example different email languages.

Friendly update

Updated systems are set into the legacy layout mode by default. In case a shop uses a system plugin working with VirtueMart, it may cause problems with a multilanguage shop. In this case, ask the plugin developer for an updated version. For layout changes, it is highly recommended to use the new layout options.

Change list

This is a quick look list on updated features in VirtueMart 3.2. It's promised to bring a revolution for online shopping.

  • Routing
  • Cache and Optimisations
  • Currency
  • Improvements for convenience
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Language
  • Installer/Updater
  • Table enhancements
  • SQL
  • Program internal
  • Javascript
  • Typos
  • Layouts
  • Payments/Shipments
  • Security

For detail change list, please read here.

VirtueMart 3 component (core and AIO)

We are updating all our Premium VirtueMart Extenions as well as VirtueMart Joomla templates to be compatible with the latest VirtueMart version in order to bring you the best performance products. Keep in touch with us to get the latest information immediately.

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