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It's good news for VirtueMart community that VirtueMart 3.8.8 supports new flexible admin template. The old template will be merged into the new template and provided as style or theme.

VirtueMart 3.8.8 - Administrator Interface Template Design Updated

To get the latest tcpdf and vmbeez, you should use the updated VirtueMart package and install the VirtueMart package over your current installation. You also can extract it and install the to ensures that the changes in the backend template do not interfere any productive installation.

VirtueMart 3.8.8 Updated Administrator Interface Template Design

A new administrator template is available for testing which improves mobile and desktop appearance and usability for shop administrators. Modern icons are used to represent key features and give the interface a cleaner appearance. This is therefore a template UI update and not a complete redesign of administration pages. Shop owners will still find their business information and configurations in the same place. A small number of configuration screens have had their look slightly modified using icons and give a more consistent alignment of features/fieldnames with input/selection.

Highlights Updates

  • Sidebar
    • Cleaner look and feel toggle functionality.
    • Is hidden completely and available via slide or overlay toggle in all views - giving more space for information to be displayed
  • Mobile/Tablet:
    • List displays for the majority of VM administration functions now wrap effectively.
    • Function selections (filter/search) are shown correctly.
    • Alignment of fieldname with selection/input facilitates easier desktop viewing and significantly improves UI on Mobile/Tablets.
  • General
    • General improved use of icons.
    • Cleaner tab selections for multipage configurations.
    • Simple radio yes/no selectors now align with Joomla UI look and feel.
    • Image view and upload - small design change improvement for Products/Categories/Manufacturers and Media.

New features, enhancements, fixes

Enhanced or new

  • Skrill payment update
  • Removed shop is offline feature. Added instead a link showing better possibilities todo that (Using joomla or catalog mode).
  • Restriction for shipment/payment byCoupon
  • Extra order note. Just a simple note for orders for internal use.
  • Order list searches now also for the customer_note and order_note
  • Order list now also filterable by vendor
  • New options of storing carts (currently per hidden configuration)
    1. #CartsDontSave = 0 //dont store carts for logged in shoppers
    2. #CartsDontSaveByshoppergroup=50 //dont store carts for shoppers in this shoppergroup
    3. #CartsDontSaveCartFields=1 //dont store cart fields when storing a cart for a shopper
  • Order model function getOrder loads now the whole data of an order status (interesting for templaters)
  • Multiple category filter for product list in the backend. Disabled by default, currently you can enable it by hidden config AllowMultipleCatsFilter=1

New for developer

  • new pattern if an array is given, and we need the first item then we use now reset and not the 0 item.
  • New Trigger in storeProductCustomfields, for removed customfields.
  • Added "andWhere" function to parameter to VmTableXarray load function, added function loadOrderingCurrentItem
  • VmTable cleaned ordering, added function loadOrderingCurrentItem
  • PHP 8 compatibility, bugs may still occur.


  • Ordering for products
  • All nasty warnings like "Warning: Parameter 1 to plgVmShipmentWeight_countries::plgVmOnSelectCheckShipment() expected to be a reference, value given in /var/www/vhosts/..../libraries/joomla/event/event.php on line 70"
  • time for coupons is from now on not "NOW" but "timestamp_utc"
  • Fix for 1054 Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause after update to 3.8.6 Fix for ordering of products if products of subcategories shown
  • The order detail links in the email consider the case, that neither guest link, nor registered is set
  • Feature that registered users must activate themself
  • getUserInfoInUserFields getting the right joomla user data per given id
  • Missing cart error message in js
  • Missing '' for constant VMPATH_ROOT in installer script
  • Removed useless \n in Sample shop decription
  • getVendorAddressFields when a administrator and vendor edits another vendor.
  • category model calls to clearCategoryRelatedCaches
  • language of shipment plugin in order view
  • added chosenDropDowns in cart default shopperform
  • little fix for custom cartlayout
  • Copyright years updated, renamed variables and other minors
  • fixed a lot warnings of the type "Deprecated: Required parameter $isSite follows optional parameter $selectedCategories in /var/www/vhosts/.../administrator/components/com_virtuemart/helpers/shopfunctions.php on line 652". So we are already prepared for PHP8.

Thanks for reading!

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