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Are you owning one or more websites and planing to make money from them? But how? As an online marketer I can say that "traffic is the primary key for your success".

Let's take 9GAG as a real case study. Started off as “just for fun” side project, 9GAG has been succeeded beyond expectation. "Since 2008 the number of unique global monthly website visitors has also increased from 500,000 to 67 million." (Wikipedia). How they can get such an impressive number of regular visitors like that?

Well, let's start to discover practical methods of gaining website traffic

1. Content is King

You may hear this clause for many times before. What do you really know about "content is King"?

See on 9GAG, there are some points:

- Customer-oriented

For 9GAG visitors, they want to relax. And they are well satisfied. Why don't you start to focus on your audiences by providing useful information, products. Remember that your aim is reaching to the customers,  therefore, you should build a customer-oriented content or you will fail.

- Fresh content

There are thousands of picture are uploaded to 9GAG every hour. Individually, I often check this website for few times a day because I don't want to miss any new pic. The lesion is: audiences always like new things and you should update your content regularly. An unique content is very highly appreciated.

In addition, for online business, your content should be optimized with SEO on-page standard to the best effort.

2. Website's speed

As mentioned in the previous blog , website's load speed is an important factor that visitors decide whether continue surfing the page or not. For this issue, you can visit my blog: "Best tips to increase Joomla website loading page" to get the effective solution.

3. Social

In general, it is considered as a part of SEO but it can be separated as an independent method. Social media directly connects your site and your customers. For instantly, I will be willing to share any useful information on my Facebook, Twitter or G+ account. Others will also do the same thing. Look at 9GAG again, it currently has over 11 million Facebook “likes” and 2.4 million Twitter followers (Wikipedia). Such an amazing achievement.

Let's build interesting content and integrate your website with social network. For now, almost websites are combined with social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest... However, if you want to manage social interaction more strictly, you can use some these plugins which provide a full social management.
  • SJ Social Media Counter - Counting fans, followers on social site: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Youtube
  • SJ Twitter Slider - Free extension that display your Twitter profile with two main effects are Slide and Fade.
  • SJ Facebook - Free module that displays Activity Feed, Like Box, Recommendations and Live Stream.

4. SEO

SEO is a wide used marketing method for online business websites nowadays. In limited time, I can only introduce general knowledge. For more details, you can find thousands of article or maybe, I will comeback in some next posts.

There are 2 SEO techniques:

4.1 SEO On-page:

+ Content:

- Provide quality content
- Have keywords in content. Keywords should be placed naturally and equally in the content.

+ Title tags:

- Less than 65 characters
- Naturally contain keyword
-  Attractive title

+ Heading tags:

- Should have h1, h2, h3... tags. Note: one h1 tag per page.
- Include keywords in heading tags

+ Alt image tags:

- Use image for your article (don't use too much)

- Image alt attribute should contain keyword.

+ "In-depth articles": higt-quality search results from Google. You can follow this link to get more information.

+ Google Authorship: integrate your website with your Google + profile.

+ URL optimized:

- Under 100 characters in length
- Contain keyword
-  Words separated by hyphens or dashes

4.2 SEO Off-page:

Talk about Off-page, we think about link. In off-page SEO, you should care about the quality and the quantity of the links. Some most important elements:
  • Link building: links from various and trusted sources.
  • Directory submission
  • Article submission
  • Social networking
  • Media Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking

In conclusion, whatever method you use, you should have a clear plan and carry out it with the best effort. For the first 3 methods, they can be used as "increase website traffic without SEO" tips. It is better for you to use all of them for the best result.

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