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Thanks to many people from participating testers to hundreds of community users. VirtueMart team has been released the Gold version of the vm2.0.x series. This released includes both many new features and fixes.

VirtueMart 2.0.22 released

What are interesting in this released?

  • To keep updating easy, VirtueMart team added many features of next major version 2.2 into this version 2.0.22 without breaking the APi. The next step for vm2.2 will be updating some extensions, caused by the changed API. It is in our interest that templates have a long lifetime.
  • The VirtueMart project is now powered by Phpstorm, using this tool the code has been cleaned up again and some hash based caches improve the performance. Split language files reduce the consumed RAM noticeably. This means you can have more users parallel visiting your store.
  • This released included AvaTax. It is a native solution integrated for a fully automated sales tax compliance for North America and beyond.
  • AvaTax Calc:

    • Validates and corrects the address - including ZIP code +4
    • Identifies product taxability
    • Applies the most current, up-to-date tax rules and regulations
    • Verifies tax holiday status
    • Applies sourcing rules (where taxable)
    • Automatically assigns correct jurisdiction

    Here are some fixes below:

  • Security:
    • Fixed, that registered could unreveal orders of anonymous shoppers
    • Fixed, that unpublished catgories could be accessed via direct link.
  • Vm 2 two times in the same database with different prefixes should work now
  • Fixes "New products"
  • Fixed canonical links Removed that it takes only 5 products per run in migration
  • Fixed for neighboured products for some sortings
  • Bug fixes for clone products.
  • Fixed images of related products Various html fixes

  • Administration:
    • Drag n drop ordering for products by StephanBais
    • Added an option to use fancy or facebox.
    • Configuration for orderstatus and emails to be sent
    • Order editing, Thanks to Ondrej and Maik
  • Frontend:
    • Fancybox: Added option to show related products in the "add to cart popup" "add to cart popup" is template able
    • Added the nice chosen.js to most FE dropdowns
    • Emails send in the shoppers language
    • Splitted language files Optimisation
  • For templaters:
    • Fixed country state list for shipto,.. is now usuable two times on the screen (easier cart checkout).
    • Added quantity to product, so that it can be used easier in the cart popup
    • Added to the helper VirtueMartCart the functions blockConfirm and setRedirectDisabled for ajax based one page checkouts.
    • Added function setCartPricesMerge(), makes it easier to change single prices, without touching the whole array.

    Road map: For Vm2.2

    • Joomla 3.x compatible
    • Native joomla ACL
    • Enhanced customfields, in special also the plugins
    • Enhanced shopperfields (for cart)
    • Enhanced cart helper


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    Thanks for reading!
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