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The VirtueMart team has published a new VirtueMart generation that includes Joomla 4 and PHP8 compatibility. VirtueMart 4 includes a new backend template and an overridable Bootstrap 3 frontend template. Of course, there are new product presentation features, as well as numerous bug fixes and new programming techniques.

Virtuemart 4 Has Been Released - Ready for Joomla 4.0 and PHP 8

New Features

The Template for the Backend

VMUI-Kit is used in the new backend template. Unfortunately, this isn't suitable for Joomla 4, however BS5 will be available soon. There are four various color styles to pick from, and it works nicely on mobile devices. Because it is handled as an installable template and is not included in the VirtueMart core installation package, updaters must manually install it.

New tools and functionality for the backend

VirtueMart 4 not only has a new look, but it also offers new backend features. The order status used to be limited to a single character, but it has recently been expanded to three characters. Unpublished categories are now listed in the category menu in the "product.edit" view. Original language flags have been added to the payment and shipment edit views (as they have been for other revisions).

Two new maintenance tools have also been added. The first is a three-button synchronizer that appropriately sets country 2, country 3, and country numerical code in the country list according to ISO 3166. The second is a button that converts old utf8mb3 tables to utf8mb4 tables.

New frontend template is now available.

Spyros Petrakis generously provided his Horme3 template to the VirtueMart Core project. Another new feature you'll appreciate is the ability to customize alternative Bootstrap layouts, which was previously unusable because it wasn't fully implemented...until now!

The new fancybox is now compatible with the latest version of jQuery.


Paybox, the payment plugin, has been updated and now supports 3Dsecure V2.

Products Bundles 

The new VirtueMart product bundles are actual bundles of existing VirtueMart products. They can be included for free or as an optional add-on for a fee. The prices can be set in stone or based on a percentage. As a result, it can be used for cross-selling and discounting.

Extra related product groups

They can also be used to cross-sell or offer complementary products. They're similar to the default related products, except they might have a different title and display on the product information page in a different location.

Better search with tags

Customfield's searchable tag system was used to improve the search. When searching for more than one tag, only products that match all of the tags are displayed.

Keep cart content for guests

Unregistered users' carts are now saved as cookies. This only works on SSL-encrypted pages.

as well as others

There has been a significant amount of work on caches (internal and external), table indexes, and other optimizations.
Additionally, work to please the JED Checker on a broad level.
Possibility to show thumbnails while selecting multivariant children
Various email templates based on order status to improve customer communication.
You can make a category menu item that removes items from the basket by category.



All of our premium VirtueMart Joomla themes will be updated to VirtueMart 4 soon. Any new updates will be announced in the blog post. So, don't forget to come back to blog page for further updates.

We updated some VirtueMart Extensions to version 4, you can check it here.

Thanks for reading!

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