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[] With the new features added to Joomla 2.5, I think that every customers of us will not hesitate to update the current Joomla website to this version (if not yet). All updating to this version from can be downloaded freely here.


The list of new features can be long, it took us some times to upgrade all extensions and create some new templates that are fully compatible with Joomla 2.5. Although the effort is great, the result are great too, see our Joomla works for more details.

Here are the Top important features from Joomla 2.5:

1. Ajax Search function

Searching is now based on ajax and natural language.
How? Take a look at this:

You can see relating results every time you enter a search term in the Search box, Joomla called it Smart Search, we call it the Finder! Every options for the Finder, you can change in the Smart Search component

2. Multi Language manager

From now, editing language strings can be easier because this in the administration board:

Choosing any strings or search it over the search box (constants OR value) then you can change it right.

3. New kind of databases supported

Joomla multi database supporting includes:
  • MySQL (certainly!)
  • MS SQL (new)
  • PostgreSQL (near future)
  • Oracle (near)
  • SQLite (near)
  • PDO drivers (near)

4. Auto Notifications for Joomla updating


There are two things need to update:
  • Joomla core
  • non-core components
With one click away, you can update all things you need.

5. Captcha integrated into the core


You need a ReCaptcha key before applying this into your current Joomla. It aslo enables developer to write some plugins running with captcha without any modification.

6. Automation of getting database fixed

Ever getting angry of solving problems relating to database updating? If yes, now you need just one click!

7. Improving SEO for Joomla core


With new plugin integrated into the core, SEO for Joomla now available for multi language. Changing the language code for the HTML output will make your site more friendly with the big G.

Yes, these nice features of Joomla 2.5 make us more confident when releasing new products based on it and delivered to our customers. Take a look at our portfolio for Joomla templates before deciding please. Note that migrating from 1.5 to 2.5 requires quite much effort, don't hesitate to contact us or place a comment below

Happy updating!

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