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K2 v2.10.3 maintenance & bugfix release is available for Joomla 1.5 to 3.x. It improves the backend user interface and client-size (frontend) caching. Besides, it also resolves the broken auto-generated feeds URLs.

K2 v2.10.3 Maintenance & Bugfix Release

What's New in K2 v2.10.3?

  • Finalized the backend UI
  • Media upload control on smartphone or tablet. Now you can use your smartphone's camera to snap a picture or a video and upload it directly to a K2 item, the "Media" tab.
  • Added new "select extra field group" default option. When creating a new extra field, the "required" option is now set to "no" by default. Improved CSV uploading & previewing/rendering, updated the layout for extra fields in the K2 item edit form.
  • Fixed JCE top tabs misalignment which was caused by generic CSS styling.
  • A link to the K2 Settings is now available in both the sidebar and button toolbar.
  • Introduced new option "Set a request limit for all item listings..." in the "Advanced" section of the "Administrator" tab.
  • Improved client-side caching with the addition of 2 new HTTP headers: "Last-Modified" & "Etag" that allow K2 to better control client-side caching to browsers and server-side caching to proxies like Varnish, Haproxy, Nginx etc.
  • Ensure to send the correct Content-Type HTTP header for JSON and JSONP requests, even when caching is enabled in Joomla.
  • Fixed auto-generated feed URLs (broken in v2.10.2). Feeds will now be generated as relative URLs only.
  • The canonical URL option can now be entirely disabled.
  • Properly set the canonical URL for paginated itemlist views.
  • Fixed canonical URLs for tag/user views when Joomla is served from a domain subdirectory.
  • K2 Content (module): added new "today" option for the popularity filter. This option is handy especially for media sites that only wish to display the day's most popular K2 items (based on hits).
  • Fixed the "title" for attachments.
  • Link-type extra fields now provide the raw URL as part of their output (either as $this->item->rawValue or $item->rawValue, depending on where they are rendered).
  • Removed hardcoded restrictions in the K2 item model (frontend) for the user object. In other words, user details (like the name, avatar etc.) will be usable anywhere in K2 content.
  • Improved the K2 URL router's performance. Additional URL manipulation options and performance improvements are planned for K2 v2.11.0.
  • Improved compatibility with Falang and resolved the dreaded "pagination missing" issue.
  • Translated tag pages with either JoomFish or Falang will now be properly rendered by K2.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.4.
  • Resolved fatal error when using PHP 5.3 to comply with Joomla 3.x's minimum requirements.

With K2 translation packages, it is pre-processed all language packs and removed the "_QQ_" indentifier, ensuring it is replaced by a single quote. This results in usable language packs for the affected languages (e.g. French, Danish and many others).

Before upgrading, it's always a good idea to get a backup of your site:
  • To upgrade in Joomla 1.5, just install v2.10.0 on top of any existing K2 installation.
  • To upgrade in Joomla 2.5 or 3.x, either install on top (as with Joomla 1.5) or use Joomla's extension updater (you should already see the notification for v2.10.0).

It is highly recommended to update AllVideos to version 5.x (the most recent).

DO NOT uninstall any older K2 version first, as this will wipe out your K2 content!

Thanks for reading!

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