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One of the 10 of easiest free online Image resizer tools will be the key to help you make your website's appearance the best professional.

10 Great Free Online Image Resizers Supporting your Website Content the Best

A fitted photo is working as a visual media to fully express the content of the website and a trustworthy way to closer approach to your potential customer, thereby can drive more traffic and revenue. The latest survey shows that 93% of respondents said that visual appearance plays the most important role when they are making a buying decision. In other words, it is crucial that your photos you are using need to be high- quality and most fitted to your site in size. SmartAddons is pleased to offer 10 best free online image resizer tools to help you, even if you are a non- experience graphic designer, which are divided into 2 groups: multiple images resizer and single image resizer.

Multiple Images Resize

1. Online Image Resize

With this free online image resizer, you can easily quickly resize just one or even multiple images online to the same width. You can simply adjust the width that you want, just take note that the minimum size 16 pixels and the maximum is 1024 pixels. All of the resizing processes will take only some seconds to complete. It also offers other options to edit individual files such as crop, rotate, mirror. When you finish editing process, you can download them separately or all together in a ZIP file.

2. I love IMG

I love IMG help change image dimensions in bulk. If you want to resize some images at the same time, I love IMG is such a great tool that offers a friendly user interface. All the things you need to do are uploading all of your images at once, then choose the size (pixels or percentage). Especially, if you choose the pixel criteria, it offers a functional feature, which is a checkbox that says “Do Not Enlarge If Smaller.” This checkbox is working as a standard ratio, preventing them from becoming blurry and pixelated, so you have high-quality images.


Single image resizer

3. BeFunky

Here is an ideal resize tool owning a friendly interface allows you change the image size without reducing the image quality. Be Funky offers 2 options that are free and chargeable. With a chargeable account, you can get access to many tool options that are photo filters and effects, text, etc. With a free account, you can also choose basic photo resizing and editing. The image size will be converted automatically without being distorted. All you need to do is type the pixel number into the “width” field, then the app will choose the height accurately. And now, you can stay and enjoy the social game.

If you want to customize width and height, please uncheck the “Lock Aspect Ratio” box. But this option can make the photo quality lower due to the ratio changes.

4. Social Image Resizer Tool

This tool makes the size converting process easier than ever with 3- step instruction: location of image source, size, format. You easily take control of what parts get resized by dragging and dropping the crop tool to any area of the picture. After all, you have 2 options of saving the edited image (click Download) or sending it to others (click Send).

5. Simple Image Resizer

If you are looking for a web tool to resize picture quickly, so here it is. All you need to do are uploading a picture, choosing a specific dimension that is suitable, adjusting a slide bar to make the photo any other percentage smaller as you want. Finally, you can save it to your computer by clicking on Download link.

6. Picasion

Another picture resizer offering a user- friendly interface is Picasion. Picasion tool allows you define the exact dimension you would love the image to be. You can either choose the width manually or enter the available preset sizes. Moreover, the tool offers some effect packs, rotate function to help you complete the editing process. Lastly, you finish the process by downloading your photo: download link, a direct URL, an HTML code.

7. Resize it

No matter who you are (a digital camera owner, web owner, etc.), as long as you get a demand for resizing photos, Resize 2 mail is an online resize website for you.

In these three easy and quick steps, you can resize your photo within minutes: Upload image/ Select the size (or other options:  sharpen or blur, apply effect black and white, rotate, convert it to another file format)/ Save image.

8. Web Resizer

Web Resizer let you compare the differences between your original picture and the edited one, which must be very helpful. That tool allows you not only to resize photo with the new width and height but also to modify the contrast, exposure. Please take note that before the download link gets update, you have to refresh the preview.


This tool is created especially for GIF format, let you enter the pixels manually or adjust the size without losing its proportions by moving the slide bar. You can also customize the percentage to resize the image to 50% the original or up to 200% larger.

The animation speed of your GIF can also be changed from zero to 10,000 milliseconds.

10. Resize your

Resize Your Image is a great resizer to help you customize your image. This website tool supports a lot of different extensions like jpg, gif, pdf, etc. You will use the buttons as well as arrows to change the size of your photo as much as you would like. Lastly, press the orange button to finish your resizing process.

If you are looking for a simple free online image resizer tool for cropping and resizing photos and graphics, so here you go. Take it and drive your website much more attractive right now.

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