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VirtueMart 3.0.12 - New Security Release

After a new security issue - a possible XSS which affects the array keys in the URL, found by the company, VirtueMart team has immediately fixed it in the new VirtueMart version 3.0.12. In this new version, the team also addressed some smaller bugs and glitches in advanced functions. Besides, the missing backward compatibility for some cases was added too.
VirtueMart 3.0.12 - New Security Release
Furthermore, VirtueMart team plan to write a small framework, so that extensions written for VirtueMart should also work on different platforms than Joomla, firstly focuses on WordPress. You can join the forum and share your experience with these.

Last but no least, the VirtueMart team added a lot of pages which explain general VirtueMart concepts. You can find it HERE!

New Features/Fixes in VirtueMart 3.0.12

  • Different thumbnail sizes are possible now (actually a fix, but no one knew it anyway)
  • Cart should keep address data of the user, if an error happens like "email already taken"
  • Use captcha only for guests
  • Added "None" option for some order status lists.
  • Media handling per vendor
  • vmUploader checks uploaded files by MIME and may cancell the upload, controlled by ACL
  • vRequest is now also filtering the array keys (recursive)
  • Enhanced synchronise Media (no 10k limit anylonger)
  • Moved creation of virtuemart_userinfos and virtuemart_order_userinfos to install_essential_data.sql to prevent that changed fields are reverted updating vm
  • Added hidden config updEngine to prevent changing of the table engine
  • Added main controller missing for joomla3 to the AIO

VirtueMart 3 component (core and AIO)

We are updating all our VirtueMart Extenions as well as VirtueMart Joomla templates to be compatible with the latest VirtueMart version in order to bring you the best performance products. Keep in touch with us to get the latest information immediately.

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