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Virtuemart 2.6 has been released and works best under Joomla 2.5 condition. Virtuemart 3.0 is coming soon with more useful functions for both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. This series of efforts are supposed to bring the best to the world using Joomla integrated with VM component. Based on a number of general features specified below, VM2.6 is considered to be the perfect interim between VM2.0 and VM3.

added better support for Virtuemart and Kunena.
VM 2.6 - New release of Virtuemart component

In fact, many small and big features have been applied to the core of Virtuemart over the past couple of years. With the cooperation of 3rd party developers as well as others work around to remove bugs or complete a feature, it plays essential role to generate more useful functions within the component.

To be more specific, a typical example that can be pointed out is the way VM enhanced feature of sending email automatically. To fix the issues in VM1 due to cart workflow and the order status email system cause, VM developers have added a configuration setting for mail, to make sure that users can control which emails are used, resulting in a better end user experience.

Moreover, the backward compatibility features back into the VM2.0 series is also added to make changes in API to work well on VM2.1. The appearance of Joomla 3.x also results in some API changes itself, so VM developers made up their mind to replace some of Joomla functions themeselves which were not in VM2.0, and bring the chance to 3rd party developers to write extensions compatible for VM2.0 and VM3. That's why VM2.6 turned up to meet all of users' expectation.

Want to know detailed features of VM2.6? They're all here.

- Moved language to the component folder
- New Sample Data
- Joomla Virtuemart Complete Installer
- Added GTIN and MPN
- Automatically encryptes storing of fields in the database.
- Stockable Plugin: Added functionality to order/reorder child products
- vmText,vmRequest and vmjsapi.php in own files/added them for BC to vm2.0
- Added plgVmCouponInUse - Added check in cart to get cart variant if not in productdetails form
- Added login for ask a question, recommend a product
- Added multiple products for add to cart popup
- Added cleaning of cache if config is stored
- Added recaptcha for registration and ask a question/recommened to a friend
- Proper use of MyISAM and InnoDB according to its intended use.
More Bugfixes can be found here!

Any explanations will be so complex, for short you just need to remember that:
  • version 2.6: contains new features, no API changes, only compatible with Joomla 2.5
  • version 3: coming soon, compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x, contains API changes (mainly custom fields)

Our VM extensions and Virtuemart 2.6?

All of the above mentioned, it can't be denied the necessity of upgrading a big number of our extensions to be compatible with this latest VM release. Detailed fixes can not be written down at this moment but as soon as we apply changes on our modules, the announcement will go directly to you, so please make sure that you keep all of our news up-to-date.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps!

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