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SJ Simple Tabs for Virtuemart is a simple module for VM Component. The module shows categories as tabs. In each tab, you will see a main item and other related items. With 4 themes and more options, you will easy change the module to your suitable.

# Main Features
1. Support Joomla 3.x, 4.x
2. Support 4 themes. Please see the screenshots
3. Support all browers
4. Support SEO (Search engine optimization)
5. Support Multi-Language
6. Support to change module width and content height (Them 2, Theme 3)
7. Show Items in Categories
8. Support to show title, description, read more and price
9. Limit the characters of the title and the description
10. Product order by: Best sales, Featured, Latest, Random, Ordering or Product Price type
11. Limit the number of items to show to the module
12. Support the link to image and title
13. Support opening link in: Same Window, New Window, Popup Window
14. Support 4 modes to resizing image
15. Support to add comments at the top of module and the end of module.
16. Support to get images from Product image, description, extend folder
17. Support caching to make your website loads faster
18. Allow to include Child Category Products or not


Version 3.0.0  - Released on 01-Jun-2022
+ Compatible with Joomla 4.x
+ Compatible with VM 4.0.x
Version 2.8.0  - Released on 16-May-2016
Compatible with Joomla 3.5.1

- Released on 02-Oct-2015
+ Upgraded to VM 3.0.10

VERSION 2.6.0 - Released on 13-Feb-2014
+ Compatible with Joomla 2.5
+ Compatible with Virtuemart version 2.0.24
+ Unnecessary elements hidden when changing web's layout into smaller screen
+ Tabs' interface changed in position

VERSION 2.5.0 - Released on 04-Oct-2012

+ Compatible with Virtuemart 2.0.X
^ Change structure of the param block
^ Optimize the color, effect params

- Released on 15-Jan-2012

^ Change name of the module (YT -> SJ) for Joomla 1.7: SJ Virtuemart Simple Tabs
+ Virtuemart 2.0 compatible!
# Fixed issue on "Include SubCategories = Yes" param for showing subcategories
# Fixed issue on "Category title max chars" param
# Fixed issue for showing price of normal product
# Fixed issue for "Link target= Popup Window"

Price: $11.90

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Template Attributes

  • Last modified on: 01 June 2022
  • Created: 08 December 2010
  • Template Position: Template Position
  • Current Version: 2.8.0
  • Userguide: Click Here
  • Forum: Forum
  • Download: Click Here

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