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How does your gaming experience affect the real-life
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TOPIC: How does your gaming experience affect the real-life

How does your gaming experience affect the real-life 5 years, 9 months ago #37357

For people who belong to the previous generation, most of them believe that playing a game is a vain activity that only spoils their children. On the other hand, the younger generation states that gaming is not only entertaining, but it also brings back tons of benefits!

So, how does your gaming experience affect real-life? Were your grandmas and grandpas correct? Let’s find out now! Like any other thing, gaming is also a two-sided knife. It can bring back both positive impacts and negative effects. Play free online games free now!

Positive Impacts

Get rid of stress and anxiety
Yes, it’s evident that most people reach out to games as an entertaining approach. Nowadays, along with the development of society, our life has been more stressful than ever before. Everyone in this generation can be the victim of depression due to tons of pressure from relation, society, workflow, and so on.

Get rid of stress and anxiety

Therefore, it’s essential to relax and relieve our stress and anxiety after a hard-working day. We absolutely don’t want them to accumulate and take us down. According to University College London, playing games can reduce our pressure and depression even better than sex.

Another study from Texas A&M conducted by Associate Professor Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson also points out that for both genders, playing games can help them adopt mental skills to fight against stress and depression as well as handling tasks under pressure better.

Improve your skills
It sounds strange, right? Typically, when mentioning games, we think it’s a relaxing time rather than the learning activity. But scientists have proven that playing games can improve our skills, too.

Indeed, according to Medical Daily, video games help people with Dyslexia earn more concentration and read faster. Dr. Vanessa Harrar from Oxford University, who is now leading the study above, states that the results are built on the intimate relationship between games and the attention skills. Therefore, the effect of gaming on reading comprehension challenges are undeniable.

Moreover, it’s also scientifically proven that video gaming can train our problem solving, multi-tasking, and critical thinking skills, improve our memory and muscle control, enhance strategic planning and spatial navigation.

That’s also the reason why nowadays scientists have developed another study method: Learning through video games. This technique has performed flawlessly and received a lot of good feedback from teachers stating that their students are much concentrated and feel more interested in studying.

Increase your social interaction
Well, there is no quarrel with the fact that playing games is a great way to increase the player’s social interaction. Many games nowadays are multiplayer games, which require interactions between teammates. Moreover, players can make more friends, who get along well with them, too.

Increase your social interaction

Even if your game is a single player game, you can still connect to a lot of people through the gaming community as well as through common interest. You can even comment on Youtube Channel.

Learn how to be patient
Yes, it’s impossible to win all the time. As game players, we have definitely been through the scenario that there are some levels which too hard to pass or some matches in which the level differences are too obvious.

But we refuse to give up, right? We will learn more and more, explore some tricks, and overcome the obstacles. Moreover, for multiplayer gamers, we can have conflicts with each other. But for the final result of the game, we will endure. If we don’t, our account may be banned due to adverse actions. Therefore, we will learn how to be patient, too.

Negative Effects

Besides all of the wonderful impacts above, video games also bring back some adverse effects, too.

Increase aggressive behavior
Nowadays, games without violent factors are mostly unpopular. The trendiest games belong to the Battle Royale category, in which players will be in the first or third perspective and join exciting adventures where they survive by killing others.

Games increase aggressive behavior

In the psychological point of view, it’s not a good impact at all. Many research has shown that playing a violent game can induce aggressive behavior. The violent content of these games has made players feel less guilty and act more immorally. For players who are more immersed in their in-game characters, they tend to transfer those actions into real life.

On the other hand, the study also finds out that people who act against their immoral actions in the game will become more sensitive towards immoral actions in reality. They will respond harshly towards inequality and uncompassionate.

There have been many cases that adolescent criminals are the results of violent games. Many of them confessed that they think killing people is common, and they can restart any time they want.

Waste too much time
You know what? Our grandmas and grandpas may be right in some points. For teenagers, we can hardly control our behaviors. We tend to spend a lot of time playing games than actually studying.
Moreover, in the industry nowadays, there are a lot of games that are addictive. We will quickly get caught in the terrific and attractive content of them and forget anything else. Raise your hands if you’ve been like that, too!

Not to mention the huge collection of games after games that you could play days after days, too. How many time is actually enough for games? The answer is never.
Yes, we all know that games are fun, but everything should have a limitation. Therefore, playing games will only be good if you do it in the right way!

Last words,
All in all, gaming isn’t bad. It depends on how you handle them. Play them in a regular and logical basis; you can achieve tons of benefits such as higher concentration, better skills, have a fuller social life, and hone your virtues. Get ready for all free online games with no flash needed - play now with no download!

Time to sum up

On the other hand, playing games can also be toxic as it brings back an unreal world where people are likely to forget who they are. The results of the negative impacts on children are incredibly severe and unpredictable: they may even commit crimes such as murder, burglary, and so on. The reason is that they haven’t fully aware of their actions yet. Therefore, parents should observe their children strictly and take action when needed.
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