SJ Zaga

This guide will help you install SJ Zaga and extensions included in the template step by step.



SJ Zaga is compatible with Joomla v3.x. Please make sure your system meets the following requirements:

1.1 System Requirement – Joomla version 3.x


  • Software: PHP 5.3.1+ (5.4+ recommended)


  • MySQL(InnoDB support required): 5.1+
  • MSSQL 10.50.1600.1+
  • PostgreSQL 8.3.18+

Web Severs

  • Apache 2.x+
  • Microsoft IIS 7
  • Nginx 1.0 (1.1 recommended)

1.2 Browser Requirement

  • Firefox 4+
  • IE (Internet Explorer) 9+
  • Google Chrome 10+
  • Opera 10+
  • Safari 5+

1.3 Development Environment

During development process, Localhost is preferred. You can use the following servers on your PC to develop your site.


  • XAMPP for Windows


  • LAMP Bubdle
  • XAMPP for Linux

Mac OS

  • MAMP & MAMP Pro
  • XAMPP for Mac OS

2INSTALLATION – Back to top

There are two ways to install a Joomla Template:

  • Install Quickstart: By using this package, you will set the template exactly as our Demo with sample data. This is applied when you need a fresh Joomla with our template.
  • Install Template and Extensions: This is applied when you have already installed a Joomla instance on your server. You will need only be using the zipped files in “Extensions” and “Template” folders mentioned above.

2.1 Install with Quickstart Package:

The following steps will guide to install a quickstart package of SmartAddons Joomla Template: Click here

2.2 Install with Template and Extensions:

2.2.1 Install Template


Step 1: Access the installation panel

Navigate to Extensions >> Extension Manager.

Step 2: Install Template

  • Install with option: Upload Package File

Firstly, you choose file that you have downloaded and then Click on the button Upload & Install to install the uploaded package.

Step 3: Set New Installed Template As Default Template

  • Go to Extensions >> Template Manager.

  • In order to display your site with the new installed template, you have to set the template as default template

2.2.2 Install Extensions


The extensions package include of (Modules/Extensions and Plugins).

Note: Extensions installation is the same with Template installation as above

Here is list of extensions that are used in the template.


  • Go to Extensions >> Module Manager.

  • Find the new installed module. For example: with “SJ Contact Ajax “ module.

You can use the search or filter option to find the new installed module easier and enable module.

  • Enable and set position for the module

When you find the new installed module, please open its configuration panel.

To display the module in front-page, you must publish it and set right position for the module.

Please note that not all module positions can be active in front-page, so please make sure the module is assigned to an active module position.

  • Assign the modules to specific menus

You have to assign the modules to specific menus so that the module will be displayed in the assigned menus. There are 4 options : “On all pages, No pages, Only on the pages selected, On all pages except those selected”

  • Configure the new installed module

Normally, each module has its own settings, the settings allow you to customize the module so that you can have it displayed in front-page as you wish.


Note: all plug-ins listed are imperative.

  • YT Framework Plug-in supports to add extra parameters used with Mega Menu and to compress CSS/JS/HTML when optimizing code. Besides, configure Yt Framework to show SJ Help with Report Bugs, Template Tutorials and YT Framework Tutorials or include j Query into template. You can go here for getting more information of this plugin.
  • YT Shortcode offer you an amazing tool to create advanced custom content with minimal effort or even without any knowledge how to code HTML. Please go here for getting more information of this plugin.
  • SJ Content Related News is a simple plugin for content component. It helps you to show other articles in the same category. Please go here for getting more information of this plugin.
  • SJ Contact Ajax uses contacts from system to assign the form, and from back-end, we can choose to backup to sender or not. Many options can be tweaked to show social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn… Please go here for getting more information of this module.

You need to install and activate them when using this template. Let’s start from 1 – 2 – 3 to active plug-ins as below:

2.3 Install multilingual site in SJ Template

To help you about language problem when you work with SJ Template. We will instruct you how to set up multilingual site in SJ Template. FOLLOW US!

3CONFIGURATION – Back to top

The following part we will guide how to configure the template becomes the same with our home page – Demo

3.1 Layout Position

3.2 Template Configuration

Go to Extensions > Template Manager > SJ Zaga. All of parameters of this template are divided into the following groups, in which they are explained themselves:








3.3 Menu Configuration

3.3.1 Mega menu Configuration

To configure Mega Menu, go to: Extensions –> Template manager –> open SJ Zaga, in the Menu setting, you can configure Mega Menu and if you want to view more guide about how to install, set up and configure SJ Mega Menu as you want, please click here

3.3.2. Menu Item Configuration

NOTE: Please go HERE to read more How To Configure Mega Menu for SJ Template.

3.4 Extension Configuration

3.4.1. Top 3

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: top3


Backend: Article Slideshow
Code Custom Output of “Article Slideshow”:

Backend: Language Switcher

Backend: Menu Top Left Home
3.4.2. Video backgrounds – Home

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: slideshow
Suffix: Not Used

Backend: Video backgrounds – Home

Code Custom Output of “VideoBackgrounds”:

3.4.3. Bottom 1

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom1
Suffix: “yt-bt1”


Backend: Bottom 1
Code Custom Output of “Bottom 1”:

3.4.4. Bottom 2

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom2


Backend: Bottom 2
Code Custom Output of “Bottom 2”:

3.4.5. Bottom 3

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom3
Suffix: “yt-bt3”


Backend: Bottom 3
Code Custom Output of “Bottom 3”:

3.4.6. Bottom 4

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom4
Suffix: “specials”


Backend: Bottom 4

3.4.7 Bottom 5

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom5
Suffix: “our-menu”


Backend: Our Menu

Backend: Satisfied Our Menus

Code Custom Output of “Satisfied Our Menus“:

3.4.8 Testimonials

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom6
Suffix: “testimonial”


Backend: Testimonials
Code Custom Output of “Testimonials”:

3.4.9 Our Blog

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom7
Suffix: “specials extra-blog”


Backend: Our Blog

3.4.10. Open hours

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom8
Suffix: “open-hours”


Code Custom Output of “Open hours”:

3.4.11. Book a table

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom9
Suffix: “book-table”


Code Custom Output of “Book a table”:

3.4.12. Newsletter

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom11
Suffix: “newsletter”


3.4.13. Bottom

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: bottom13


Backend: Banner Footer

Code Custom Output of “Banner Footer”:

Backend: SJ Zaga Contact

3.4.14. Footer

Module Position – Module Suffix

Position: footer
Suffix: “menu-footer”


Backend: Footer

3.5 Change Language of Contact Form



To change language of Contact Form, please go to the file: templates\sj_zaga\html\mod_sj_contact_ajax\default.php

1. And find: => edit ‘’ following your idea.

2. Find: Say Hello! => Translate ‘Say Hello!’ to your language.

3. Find: Go to contact form => Translate ‘Go to contact form’.

4. Go to the file: modules\mod_sj_contact_ajax\language\en-GB\en-GB.mod_sj_contact_ajax.ini and find:

TEL_LABEL=”Phone Number”

SEND_MAIL_COPY=”Send copy to yourself”
MAIL_IS_NOT_SENT=”Mail is not sent.”
MAIL_IS_SENT=”Your email has been sent.”
=> Translate ‘Address’, ‘Phone Number’, ‘E-Mail’ …. following your language. If you want to use 2 languages, you can create your language folder to modules\mod_sj_contact_ajax\language\, then copy en-GB.mod_sj_contact_ajax.ini to there and rename it LANGUGE_PREFIX.mod_sj_contact_ajax.ini. Finally, please translate this file.

4SUPPORT – Back to top

Thank you so much for purchasing this template. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much!