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YT Shortcode - Joomla Plugin

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YT Shortcode - Joomla Plugin 3.7 out of 5 based on 33 votes.
YT Shortcode - An amazing tool with fresh and clean UI layout that will help you easily add maps, forms, charts, buttons, gallery and many more items to any pages without touching any code.
With 65+ essential shortcodes in-built, you are free to create nice and complex content to make your website be unique and easy-to-manage. Besides, YT Shortcode supports lots of popular components as: K2, Content, Easyblog, VirtureMart, Hikashop, Joomshopping... even Custom HTML module. You can quickly choose any shortcode for your content just by clicking the YT Shortcode button. With this plugin, adding secondary shortcode (shortcode in shortcode) is not the matter now. You can combine 2 or more shortcodes to get the best result.

In addition, YT shortcode supports many styles for it's elements as well as provides more properties: width, height, align.. that allow user to flexibly customize any shortcode. This plugin can be used independently from YT Framework. It means that you can use it in whatever Joomla template you like. It has never been easier to add nice looking styling elements to your website with no coding knowledge requirement.

Let's check YT Shortcode tour right now to feel more!

# Main Features
1. Support 65+ amazing shortcodes
2. Support for Joomla Content, K2 Component, Easyblog, Hikashop,  Joomshopping, VirtueMart... and Custom HTML Module
3. Support Font-Awesome 4.0.3
4. Support RTL Languages
5. Support modern responsive design
6. Powered by CSS3
7. Support Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3
8. Extremely easy to use

To see the template list that is using YT Shortcode plugin, please go here.


VERSION 2.0.0 -
Released on 17-July-2015

- Support only Joomla 3.x
+ Added 42 more shortcodes
+ Added more styles
+Added more properties: width, height, align
+ Improved YT Shortcodes backend
+ Improved YT Shortcode Demo
- Supported Easyblog, Hikashop components
# Fixed bug: error when using with Bootstrap 2
# Fixed bug: secondary shortcode conflic

- Released on 09-Sep-2014

+ Create element Carousel , Audio mp3, List player shortcode

VERSION 1.2.4 - Released on 06-Jun-2014

# Fixed error of showing shortcode on Content, VirtureMart, JoomShoping components

VERSION 1.2.2 - Released on 18-Mar-2014

# Fixed error of Font Awesome icon when upgrading YT Shortcode v1.0 to v1.2.1
# Fixed wrong image's path of Lightbox in YT Shortcode demo

VERSION 1.2.1- Released on 05-Mar-2014

# Fixed errors of YT Shortcode when working on YT Framework v1.0.0

- Released on 16-Jan-2014

# Fixed errors in syntax
+ Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
+ Support Font-Awesome 4.0.3

- Released on 10-Jan-2014

+ Separated from YT Framework II
+ Support for Joomla Content, K2 Component and Custom HTML Module
+ Support 24+ amazing shortcodes
+ Support Font-Awesome 3.2.1
+ Support Bootstrap2.3
+ Support RTL Languages
+ Modern responsive design
+ Powered by css3
+ Support Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0

- Released on 24-May-2013

+ Integrated in YT Framework II

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