Yt Shortcode

1REQUIREMENT – Back to top

At the basic level, this Plug-in will require the following conditions:

  • Compatible with version Joomla: Joomla 3.x and Responsive layout.
  • Shortcodes only works in detail article (Joomla! Content, K2 content), Custom html module.

2INSTALLATION – Back to top

Prepare your Plug-in package

  • Firstly, prepare your Plug-in package (note that you should choose the newest installer version that is compatible with your current Joomla version)
  • Secondly, install Plug-in :
    • In your Administrator page, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager, click Browse, select module package.
    • Then click Upload & Install

    • Please wait for Plug-in being installed.


3.1 Plug-in Demo

3.2 Enable Plug-in

  • First of all, go to Extension >> Plug-in Manager >> Search in Plug-in title ” YT Shortcodes”.
  • Secondly, enable the Shortcodes Plug-in

3.3 Back-end of YT Shortcodes

  • Show Bootstrap – Allow to Enable/Disable Bootstrap
  • Show Jquery – Allow to Enable/Disable Jquery
  • Show Highlighting – Allow to Enable/Disable Highlighting

3.4 For example 1:

Here is the list Yt Shortcodes

Shortcodes can use in detail article (K2 and Content). Here is for example with Content article: Please navigate to “Content” >> “Article Manager” >> “Add New Article” >> click “Yt Shortcodes” button and select any Shortcodes type as you want to edit.

3.5 For example 2:

If you want to use Shortcodes in Custom HTML Module. Please navigate to “Extensions” >> “Module Manager” >> Add “New” Module” with “Custom HTML” module type >> click “Yt Shortcodes” button and select any Shortcodes type as you want to edit.

Note that: With “Options” tab you must Enable Content.

4SUPPORT – Back to top

We support services as following:

Thank you so much for purchasing this Plug-in. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much!