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The holiday season is the most important time of year for online businesses to earn more. It's a golden opportunity that no shop owner wants to miss. Whether B2B or B2C, eCommerce or not, having some type of promotion or event can keep your company in the ring during this time. As Christmas is near, we would like to share some tips which help you to prepare your store in advance  for holiday season and create a successful promotion.

Some Tips to Create a Successful Holiday Promotion

1. Make a Plan

The first requirement and also one of the most important thing to create a promotion for your business is to make a detailed promotion plan. All things need to be well planned and documented. You need to set your goals, determine what kind of promotional program you want to run (giveaway, discount...), identify your target audience you want to reach, then define specific tasks that are scheduled based on your promotional calendar. Some tips for choosing an effective promotional calendar is to refer your competior's promotions in previous seasons. The promotion shouldn't take too long and depends on what type of event you run for each holiday campaign. In this calendar, you have to frame the various holiday deals and promotion offering to the customers.

2. Create Coupon Code

One of the easiest ways to create a promotion for holidays is to offer coupon codes and promotional offers on your website. These coupon codes could be something as simple as, “Enter SMARTADDONS10 to get 10% your order”. If you are using Joomla site, it's so easy to create and manage coupons by using VirtueMart component or some Joomla coupon extensions, or if your site does not have eCommerce capability set up, “Mention GIFT20 when you call, to receive a free gift with your service!

Enter coupon code during the check out to get the discount - Joomla

3. Write Blog Post and Create Landing Page

Writing a blog post to announce your promotions to visitors or creating landing pages are used to drive visitors via social media, email, and more towards conversion by getting them to click through to a specific action. Whether that action is making a purchase in your online store, entering to your giveaway program or subscribing to your newsletter, a good landing page can hugely up your chances of success. Try keeping the URL to something simple and making it easy for users to access.

Don’t be afraid to “make it pop” – add some interesting graphics or something to catch the visitor’s attention and make it clear that this page is specifically for promoting your deals.

4. Use Some Promotion Extensions

To capture more your user's attention, you can use some Joomla promotional extensions that will help you to make your events more successful. Some essential free promotional extensions are:

  • SJ TopBar: It's a free joomla extension that displays your promotion message on the top of your website. It's so easy to use and configure your content, button, time frame and set cookie.
  • SJ Popup: If you want to show a banner popup when customers visit you site, SJ Popup is a great choice. The plugin is fully responsive with cool effects. You can easily change content as you want or change new banner you designed.
  • SJ Xmas: It's a plugin especially designed for Xmas. The plugin brings Christmas spirit to your site by displaying falling snow along with beautiful Christmas popup upon interesting effects. You can use this module to decorate your website to be more glistening and attractive.

Both plugins above are responsive and use for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.

SJ Xmas brings Christmas spirit into your site


5. Emails Approach during the Holidays

Sending emails to the new, old and current customers during the holiday season can increase traffics and boost the sales of your eCommerce store. Send them personal emails, greetings, and coupons. Contact them early, before most people begin thinking about the holidays as it can help you to get their attention. The best thing you could do to improve this email process is integrating your promotional calendar into your emails.

6. Spread News on Social Media and other Sites

Social media is a powerful tool to get you more attendees and more event engagement, whether you’re hosting a physical conference or an online event. If you have other sites, posting your event on there with the black link to drive more visitors to your sites and gain more traffics. You also need to define your target audience and which social medias they actively use to stay active on those channels with a schedule. For instance, scheduling a round of social media posts to encourage customers to visit your site, or running a contest on Facebook for a chance to win some giveaways could be great opportunities. Make sure all your event promotions include hashtags in prominent positions to encourage people to start using them early when they talk about your event.

7. Determine your ad channels wisely

Every online business needs to choose advertising channels strategically to promote their goods and services. If you want to reach more prospective customers, having a plan to run ads on advertising channels could be a great method to consider. You can set up your campaign with some ads that are scheduled to run only around the holiday, and point to your promotional landing page. Always plan before selecting ad channel, your selection of ad channel draws the future graph of the sales growth. The major popular ad channels are:
  • Email
  • Blog posts
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Google Ads

Take some steps following some tips above now to get your website ready for the oncoming Xmas holiday. You will help in getting traffic at a tremendous traffic which in result increases your revenue. You’ll also likely benefit by adding new email subscribers and strengthening your ties to advertising managers. So don’t let your holiday opportunity go in vain, just try these tricks and take maximum advantage of it. Last but not least, don' forget to gather data on customers, new email subscribers, phone calls to use in the future events.

Thanks for reading!

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