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Joomla 3.3 templates


Let's countdown to the latest Joomla 3.x release expected to show up in April, 2014 with more improvements in terms of Security, Conflict reduction, Cloud storage API support and so on. Do follow this topic designed for official Joomla 3.3 templates update from Smartaddons and tell us if you have any suggestions.

Joomla 3.3 brings to you:

1. Improvement on Bcrypt password hashing and Remember me with a number of critical vulnerabilities fixed.

2. JQuery instead of Mootools in Joomla 3.3 core. Reduce conflicts between Mootool and jQuery on various levels of major sites.

3. Front-end module editing becomes easier due to less admin panel access and ability to edit stuff immediately on the front page.

4. Microdata helps to improve SEO with article's author, rich snippet to bring your content for reviews, ratings,...

5. Cloud Storage APIs has opened a new door supporting for cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google, Rackspace.

The aim of this topic?

All changes in our Joomla templates to catch up the latest upgrade of Joomla 3.x will be gathered in this thread. Bookmark this for the next time you open to see what we have done for you! Or you can also check on related topic about Joomla 3.3 extensions collection of us.

Latest Announcement (Updated on 21-May-2014)

The list below is the newest update on our Joomla template products. Check it to see what we have done for you. Hope it helps and thanks for reading!

1 SJ Sport Store Demo - More Details
2 SJ Kampe Demo - More Details
3 SJ iCenter Demo - More Details
4 SJ Honrat Demo - More Details
5 SJ iSingle Demo - More Details
6 SJ Asolar Demo - More Details
7 SJ Royal Demo - More Details
8 SJ Vinda Demo - More Details
9 SJ Decou Demo - More Details
10 SJ Tech Demo - More Details
11 SJ Company Demo - More Details
12 SJ Expo Demo - More Details
13 SJ Onepage Demo - More Details
14 SJ Flat News Demo - More Details
15 SJ Muzik Demo - More Details
16 SJ Live Demo - More Details

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