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Do you know that 53% of mobile customers will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load? It implies that if you don't optimize your store for mobile consumers, you could be losing out on 57 percent of your potential sales.

8 Amazing Tips For Mobile Site Speed Optimization

You see, conversions didn't really happen on small displays until lately. It is expected that users may browse on mobile devices before making a purchase later on a PC. However, this has altered. The tide has turned, and mobile is now the main channel for eCommerce. I'll be demonstrating how to design a Shopify store that is extremely mobile optimized in this article, along with step-by-step instructions for making sure your real content is SEO friendly.

Additionally, of course, to increase sales. Let's start.

What is mobile optimization exactly?

 Simply put, mobile site optimization is the act of ensuring that users of mobile devices who visit your site enjoy a customized user experience. To ensure that the site is functional and just as easy, if not easier, to use from a smartphone or tablet, site design, screen sizes, and load times must be taken into account.

Your potential consumer will likely leave your website as quickly as they arrived and take their money with them if these factors are neglected. And with good cause. A website that wasn't created with you in mind wouldn't be tolerated.

 Fortunately, there are numerous techniques to improve your Shopify page so that your clients have the greatest possible purchasing experience from browsing to checking out.

8 Amazing Tips For Mobile Optimization

For optimum outcomes, keep these suggestions in mind and put them into practice as soon as you can.

1. Page Speed

 Long loading delays and inactive links are far less patiently tolerated by mobile users.

Start by using Google's Pagespeed Insights to assess your page's speed. Click the "Analyze" button after pasting the URL of your website into the field. You may use this to see a breakdown of how quickly your page loads on desktops and mobile devices.

For instance, the well-known business publication Forbes has a mobile performance score of 29, but their desktop speed is still high at 89 out of 100. Let's examine various changes we can do to increase this figure and put the mobile page speed in the positive range.

2. Optimize your images

Images that load more quickly lead to speedier page loads for your website. Utilize tinypng to optimize your photographs before adding them to your online store. By doing this, the image size can be reduced without sacrificing quality. You can upload up to 20 images at once with Tinypng, and they will download into a zip file that you must then extract the images from.

As a Shopify seller, you instead have a ton of tools at your disposal for image optimization. We advise using SEO Image Optimizer, a free Shopify tool that will improve your image optimization and help you rank higher in Google searches. You're best off using this Shopify SEO app if you want images to load quickly.

You should also think about selecting the appropriate image format for the site.

  • For storing line art, icon graphics, logos, and text-heavy images in a tiny file size, PNG format is the ideal option.
  • Because it is compressed, JPEG format is a popular option on the web and is suitable for realistic pictures.
  • On the web, GIFs often perform poorly, though they can be adjusted for marginally better outcomes

3. Display words clearly

You should refrain from making users zoom in or scroll to view the text on your page.

The finest websites will recognize if the user is using a mobile device and instantly change the scale to match. You definitely don't want the prospect to have to scroll horizontally to read your material.

4. Make it clickable

When mobile optimization is being done, clickability is vital. You should keep in mind that consumers won't be using a mouse but rather their fingers, which will vary in size depending on who you ask. Larger buttons should be used, and drop-down menus should only be used sparingly if they are mobile-friendly.

5. Avoid pop-ups

Pop-ups can be quite effective in gathering email addresses and driving transactions. On mobile devices, it is recommended to turn these off. Pop-ups can be aggravating enough on desktop computers, but dealing with them on mobile devices is more difficult because of the smaller screens and the likelihood that you will press the incorrect button while attempting to close them.

Your prospects shouldn't have to go through this; everything should be simple and hassle-free.

6. Optimize cart, checkout and payment

That is crucial. If the user has problems adding the purchase to the Cart, navigating through Checkout, and making the payment, giving a simplified browsing experience is useless. Your call to action should be made obvious and prominent with Add To Cart buttons that stand out from the background of the page. Make sure the entire experience, from browsing to checking out, runs as smoothly as possible.

The bright red CTAs on Crazybaby's website ensures that there is no hesitancy from the landing page to the product page to the checkout page.

7. Put mobile first

Most companies shorten their existing websites to make them mobile-friendly. But this habit needs to adapt as well as the times. Building your pages specifically for mobile should be a priority if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Columns should be arranged vertically, buttons should be clickable with a finger, pop-ups should be eliminated, and all interactive features should be redesigned for use on small displays. By doing this, you'll present your audience with a site that's been carefully designed with them in mind, and they'll be more likely to return.

8. Use SmartAddons Shopify templates

SmartAddons is an excellent option for ensuring that your templates rank in Google and drive traffic to your business because they have over 36 templates that have been carefully optimized for web and mobile.


 Always keep in mind how many customers are now making purchases using mobile devices, and give mobile optimization top priority. You can be sure that by doing this, your Shopify online store will see an increase in conversions.

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