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5 Advertising Mistakes That Break Your Facebook Campaign

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Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide with over 2.4 billion monthly active users. Boosting your websites, products on Facebook will help you engage more potential customers, especially by running a Facebook ad campaign.

5 Advertising Mistakes That Break Your Facebook Campaign

To create an effective Facebook ad, you may suffer from several failures. Here are the list of 10 biggest mistakes that I've made while trying to optimize my Facebook Ads. You should take an eye on these bad advertising ideas to not make them in your campaign then you can reduce the effort on running a Facebook ad.

5 Advertising Mistakes That Break Your Facebook Campaign

1. Audience Is Too Small or Too Big

At the beginning, when running a Facebook ad, I usually referred to a specific audience definition which mainly narrow my audience network. That makes my audience is too small. Then, I found that I can broad more audiences with keywords rather than specific. However, avoiding to approach a big range of audience. You will have to pay a big budget.

2. Send Traffic to Homepage

If you have an online store which contains various products, you should promote one product on a campaign and link it to the product page instead of the homepage.

For example, SmartAddons sells lots of products from Joomla templates, Joomla extensions, OpenCart themes and Shopify Themes. To promote item Sj Remoz - Free Joomla template to get more traffic to the website, it's better to link to Sj Remoz detail page. From this page, website visitors can browse to other products they like.

If you sell 1 product or your homepage works as a landing page, you can skip this point.

3. Use Boring Image

No one likes to view a boring image. Put yourself as a customer, you will not be interest in a plain white background image or an image with too much colors. Use a clear, attractive image to present your product. Remember to include some information about the product to the image.

4. Ignore other Cultures

As we know that Facebook is widely used over the world. There are billion of users from hundreds countries with different cultures. When run a Facebook campaign you should consider the culture and values of that country you’re targeting. By understanding the cultural differences, you create more personalized international ads.

5. Too Much Text On The Ad Image

Remember the "20% rule" when creating a Facebook image ad. It means that you are not allowed to have text cover 20%+ of an ad image. Facebook also provides a tool to check for text cover called Text Overlay. Just check for Facebook text overlay to ensure your image is optimized for ad before publish it.

These are not all things to effectively run a Facebook Campaign, but they are all you need to not break you ad. Please feel free to share your experience here.

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