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Tell Us Your Story - Inspire us and others

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Hey SmartAddons's folks!

Do you have any website using SmartAddons's templates/extensions? And achieve success from it?

We know that there are always wonderful stories behind the efforts in building and maintaining a robust Joomla Website. We'd love to hear all your sharing about how you got started, successes, difficulties along the way and how our products have changed your Joomla sites. So if you are willing to share your projects with SmartAddons's friends, don't hesitate to tell us your story as well as share experiences with others.

Tell Us Your Story -  Inspire us and others

Why should you share your story?

Smartaddons is known as one of the leading company in developing CMS products with over 6 years of experience. Now we have more than 40.000 users, and our site has hit 300.000 sessions each month.

When you share your story with us, your website will be showcased on our Customer Showcase page, and your story will be posted in Customer Spotlight category at Blog Page. So, everyone can read it and learn from mistakes of the past in order to educate and enhance better work in the future. Your stories will inspire others to reflect on what they are doing now and best practice tomorrow, on the other hand, they can help you and give you good advice as well. Besides that, our technical team also will know more about the strengths and weaknesses of our products to improve them better for you.

And here are some other benefits you can get when sharing your story with us:

  • More traffic to your website
  • Popularity in online community
  • More potential customers
  • Marketing cost reduction
  • Time saving

How to submit your story?

Please share us your story by filling out the form below. No story is too short or too long and stories from the heart are the best. Please do not feel the need to be formal or fret over your creative writing abilities. Just tell us anything you want. You can include fun stories, memorable moments, how our products has changed your business, benefits and new capabilities, how you got started, successes, difficulties along the way, etc. All stories are appreciated and welcomed!

We can't wait to hear from you!


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