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[Preview] Online menu with SJ Lotte - Responsive K2 template

[SmartAddons - SJ Lotte] This year will begin with Joomla! templates for K2, with another one called SJ Lotte would be released soon. SJ Lotte is made with K2 component to help content building be easier task, and certainly it supports responsive layout to serve various screen sizes.

Name: SJ Lotte - Responsive Joomla! Template with K2 Component
This template, as usual, includes many in-house premium extensions. Those, with K2 as well, will be built into Quickstart package for your convenience.

SJ Lotte would supply a broad range of usages. However, the screenshots below with an our demo, are showing you how suitable this template might be for developers and managers setting up an online menu.

Responsive SJ Lotte

SJ Lotte offers these images for previewing:
<please click on small images to see the original and full images>

Front Page with default color and style:

Index frontpage layout

With default Content component, let see how SJ Lotte handles layout:


Content listing layout

Detailed page for each article

Content detail layout

Thanks to K2 component, we can show:

Tagging and comment

K2 Listing layout

...more with detailed page: Showing rate to increase engagement, listing related articles to decrease bound rate...

K2 detail layout

SJ Lotte has many colors beside the default Orange one.

8 Colors

Easily navigating through menu of your site with:

Mega Menu with multimedia content

Mega Menu

CSS Menu with simple and elegant style

CSS Menu

If you need to match this template with styles of other modules, refer to this:


<please click on small images to see the original and full images>

Our thanks to reviewers who provided and are providing comments for this template previewing, you will:

- Get 15%-off discount on SJ Lotte template when it is released.

Thanks for your spending time. We hope you love this template, as usual.
Updated: SJ Lotte is released here.

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