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Are you planning to create a website/blog by using a free and open content management systems? And you are wondering whether Joomla or Wordpress?


For the time being, the argument between using Wordpress or Joomla - the two popular content management systems, is still continuing . There are hundred of articles which compare the differences between Wordpress and Joomla. But I sure that you will be confused among such a large amount of opinions.

It is really difficult to say which one is better. Both of them are FREE and Open source. They both have their own benefits over other. In this article, I will give you some main comparisons between them which can make it easier for you to choose whether Joomla or Wordpress.

Best use for
Wordpress is best platform for blogs, corporate websites, small-medium sized websites. Joomla can be used to create any kind of websites. Specially, it is most suitable for e-commerce, social networking sites.
Easy to use It is concluded by all Wordpress users that Wordpress 's back-end is very user-friendly and intuitive. So, it is easier for non-technical users to work with. It is the best choice for the beginers. You may feel clumsy for the first time working with it. However, you will find it is more flexible and powerful for a time of using.
Plugins & Themes Wordpress has a wide range number of both free and paid plugins and themes. All of them are available on the script's homepage. Moreover, you can install plugins, tools without knowledge of coding. Extensions variety: Similar to Wordpress, Joomla has a thousand dozen of free extensions: plugins, templates, modules... which allow users to create professional sites. Joomla developers are also very enthusiastic leading to the number of Joomla extensions growing up rapidly.
You can look at our lists for Professional Wordpress themes and Professional Joomla templates. You may make up your mind after discovering these themes/templates.
SEO friendly: Wordpress supports clean code based on the coding standards of W3C, you can customize your permalink. In addition, for more effective, you can use third-party SEO plugins. SEO friendly CMS: Joomla is a full fledged CMS and is integrated with SEF plug-in to optimize search engines.
User interaction
User relationship has become an important factor that decide the success of a website.With Wordpress, it is easy to interact with audiences by comment function as well as Facebook, Twitter tools...; you can reach you audiences immediately and effectively. Joomla is a strong platform for social networking. By having user created groups, messaging, blogs, article, help..., Joomla allows people to create a community.
Security PHP security is pretty bad. Wordpress is probably the first targeted platform for hackers/spammers via free themes or plugins. Joomla also has trouble with security but they quickly update to fix the reported vulnerabilities.
Management capability
Fully control the data: By having complete access to your files, you can modify your site's appearance and theme as what you want. However, to get a good result, you should know about coding. It is safe for you that there is a local backup of all important information. Powerful content management capability: Joomla is designed as an enterprise-grade CMS which leads to it's impressive content management capability.
Supporting Support and documentation are out of date: many Wordpress users say that they are not supported immediately well as well as important documents are run out. Great customer supported: if you have any technical trouble in maintaining you Joomla website, you can report it to the experienced, large and active community of Joomla.

Once again, I do not tend to say which one is better, Joomla or Wordpress. Base on all above features, I hope you can understand more about the two  content management systems.
Last but not least, to have an appropriate choice, you should define clearly the purpose of your website as well as your knowledge about web development and design.

You are Wordpress fan or Joomla fan? Let us know the reasons, we will have an interesting discussion.

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