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Quickstart Package for Joomla Templates - How to Install it?

What's a quickstart package? Why is it included in the template installation package? Yes, this post will help you understand more this powerful package which can help you make a complete online store that looks exactly our demo site.

Quickstart Package for Joomla Templates - How to Install it?

What is a Quickstart Package?

For each template, we provide the template installation package, in which you will get multiple quickstart packages for Joomla versions.

Quickstart package is a complete installation of Joomla that includes the core Joomla files as a standard Joomla install would, but also includes the template, modules and database data needed to match our live demo. When you install the quickstart, it creates a copy with all the configuration in place so you can get a website like our demo site and get started with customization.

You'd like a website like our demo, how to Install Quickstart Package

Installation of the quickstart package is a simple process. Generally, a quickstart package consists of these small steps:

  1. Ensure you have installed an FTP client and prepared a database for your server, or have the credentials for an existing database.
  2. Download and extract the quickstart package.
  3. FTP the extracted quickstart contents to your preferred install location.
  4. Open your browser to the install location on your server to begin the Joomla! installation process, entering the database credentials where required.

Once this final step is complete you’ll have a fresh install of Joomla, along with the template and all the settings and content needed to match the demo, including sample article content. However, the images from the demo will NOT be included, as they are licensed via a third party. Instead, blank placeholder images will be included so that you can customize the content easily with your own images.

For some users, the above steps are all that’s needed for them to successfully install the package, but for those of us who’re less experienced with this process, we’ll look more in-depth at each step following the detailed documentation. This post shows you step-by-step guides to install the quickstart for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.x.

Is it easy, right? Now you are easy to build any online store you want without any coding knowledge. The only thing you have to do is to go to our template stores, choose the one that fits your needs, then let the quickstart package do the rest of things for you. After that, you can customize styles, and add your content as you want. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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