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[] SJ Agriculture is nearly coming out. This is our newest template that is not only compatible with Joomla! 2.5 but also acquired with many in-house commercial extensions. SmartAddons has released many theme-based template, and now we invented SJ Agriculture with the hope that the Plants will make your Website greener and fresher.

The name: SJ Agriculture - Joomla! Template
Support: Joomla 2.5 fully compatible!
Extensions: Selected from the best of commercial extensions developed in-house!

Let check some screenshots from our demo. This is not the final and need to be improved. Your comments, or any recommendations, they will bring better innovations to this template before real releasing.
[] A brand-new Joomla Template designed specially for non-profit and EDUCATIONAL organizations has become real with our VERY great effort during almost a month long! This is the time to make this your Website template, and we are sure that you can extend your influence on your visitors and partners more dominantly at the time!

The name: SJ Education - Joomla! Template
Support: Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5 fully compatible!
Extensions: Already many, and will be INCREASING upon your requests!

Here are some demo screenshots from our data that has been leaked few hours ago!
[] Hackers are trying to penetrate more online stores than ever! VirtueMart from the past always is a good choice for operating online shopping activities with Joomla Websites. Certainly, it is in hackers' eyesight, too!
Last day, VM team has released a new patch for VirtueMart that can improve the online store's security that are using VM as platform. The reason is that a few days ago, a bug has been detected through which hacker can get sensitive information on the stores.
[] Where do you host your Joomla websites right now? This blog article helps you choose right Joomla hosting (maybe for other purposes such as Magento websites?) and a domain for a long-time stability. Covered here is common information, not for special needs; and maybe right in most times, not all!
Hosting and domain now is a integral part of successful websites. It makes customers remember your company and get you profit in the near future if you want! Yes, that's because a memorable name put an awareness into your brand-name. Besides, a good host helps you maintain all flows of information out and in the website seamlessly.
Out there, there are many providers for this stuff; take a big effort to achieve some great thing with just several articles or promotions ... but hereafter, information maybe help you:
[] In the last day, a new patch for Joomla! CMS has been released. Thanks to the Joomla! Bug Quad and Joomla! Security Strike Team, this updating bring us much more safety and convenience than before.

[] In the last day, Joomla has been upgraded to a new version with security patches.
This update is for Joomla 1.5 and this code of this time is 1.5.26 ("senu takaa ama busani" in Indonesian language). This time, Joomla Project also announces the immediate availability for current Joomla version.
[] Voting now if you see some interesting things from these templates and their demo websites. Following is the list of the most popular templates focusing on News service.

1. SkyExtend

Download link here

What's a quickstart package? Why is it included in the template installation package? Yes, this post will help you understand more this powerful package which can help you make a complete online store that looks exactly our demo site.

[] Proudly as a template creator for over dozens of restaurants and businesses, always ensures the high-innovative and full-features templates delivered to our customers.

With over 5 years of experiences doing E-commerce online, particularly in website products like Joomla templates, Joomla extensions, Magento extensions, we experienced many difficult requests from customers. Doing e-commerce online requires not only your knowledge of products or services but also the knowledge about the Internet. The infrastructure of your business includes many things like email, domain, hosting..., but without the good Website, it's maybe a big failure!

We helped them...
[] One framework, many benefit! With YT Framework for Joomla templates, Joomla template creation is in the easiest method ever. We got many ideas based on our framework, and so can you.

Especially for developers with no free time and no deeply designing knowledge, your own website templates from beginning to advanced level will be completed in a few minutes. We called it YT Framework - a web template Joomla! framework. It is available to download right now.
[] Few days ago, a new Joomla patch was released for Joomla 2.5.2 with official security issues fixed. This is an important Joomla update that makes your site more stable.
The details of this important update below:

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