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Best Marketing Trends to Take Advantage in 2018

How can I effectively boost my eCommerce business? It seems to be the most interested question for any eCommerce business. Understanding the important of spreading a business, SmartAddons has collected 5 best marketing trends to boost your eCommerce business in 2018.

Best Marketing Trends to Take Advantage in 2018

By following these top marketing trends 2018, you can reach more customers and gain more benefits for your business.

1. Live Chat

Live chat allows you to go live with potential customers by answering any questions they have about your products to help them make a purchasing decision. There are lots of live chat platforms that provide live chat operator bot to assist your customers 24/24h.

Keep in mind that live chat works best on stores with conversion rates under 2%.

2. Private Messaging

Another marketing trend in 2018 is private messaging. All of the top social networks likes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest allow private messaging. If you have profiles on these social networks, let keep an eye out for private messages.

In addition, Facebook and Twitter also integrate messenger bots that you can create automations (bots) for these platforms to take your customers through a process, such as subscribe for an email list, find the right product or direct the customer to the right page on your store.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing continues to be the trending marketing trend in 2018. The right Influencer is person who has a highly-engaged audience on a specific platform such as Youtube or Instagram. To choose the right Influencer, you should consider:

- Does the influencer promote products similar to yours?

- What platform converts the most referral traffic into purchases on your website? Then you will want to find the influencer that has the most engaged audience on that platform.

- How do you want the influencer to promote your products?

4. Voice Search

Although Voice Search is not as popular as text search, however, it is increasing along with the development of hand-hold devices as well as the new technologies. To apply this marketing trend into your business, you should focus on how people talk about your business. What keywords are people more likely to say than they are to type? What questions are they likely to ask?

5. Big Data

Big Data will be a hot marketing trend in this 2018 by making advances in presenting analytics data to business owners. Google, Linkin, Facebook are well known as big data presenters through the internet. For example: Google with Google Analytics tracks data across multiple channels, including TV, in-store, and online; Facebook Analytics platform gives you a deeper insights into a business’s website traffic, Facebook fans, app users...

To handle more big data for your business, you should install Google Analytics, Facebook, and LinkedIn website tags to track your visitors in each analytics platform respectively.

After going through the best marketing trends in 2018 list, it can be said that social channels are getting more roles in business marketing nowadays. Almost new marketing trends relate to social networks. For business owners, besides your own marketing channels, you should build a strong social networks to promote your business.

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