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Yt Wedding Template Userguide

First of all, make sure you always download the newest version. If you just bought the template, you already have the latest version.
The following documentation applies to the template version 1.0 and later.
You can see the Demo Here


- Joomla! v1.5.x latest stable versions is highly recommended.


  • In Administrator page on Joomla! v1.5.x, go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall
    In this page, click on Browse.. button, choose our template and then click Upload File & Install

  • Go to Extensions -> Template Manager, and click on yt_wedding15
  • And you can change params for your idea after


The parameters are divided into the following areas:
  • General
  • Logo
  • Layouts
  • Fonts and Colors
  • Menu System
  • Thumbnails for Content Component
  • Advanced


  • Generator tag - General tag for template


  • Logo Type - You can choose image type or text type
  • Logo Text - For Text Type
  • Slogan - You can change your slogan here


  • Default Mode View - We support Mobile View and Window View for your site.
  • Windows layout - When a guest views the site on a computer, this layout is used. You can choose after options for layouts on window
    • Full
    • Main - left - right
    • Main - right
    • Left - main
  • Mobile Layout - When a guest uses a mobile to view, this layout is used as default
  • Iphone layout - When a guest views the site on Iphone, this layout is used
  • Android layout - When a guest views the site on Android System, this layout is used
  • Handheld layout - When a guest views the site on a Handheld, this layout is used
  • Overwrite Layouts Windows - This parameter will be used for window mode. When you want to use another layout for a menu, you can use this one. Syntax:
    • Id1=Layout_Name1 | Id1=Layout_Name2 | ...
    • Id1, Id2...:  Id of Menu. You can see the Id column in Menu Item Manager page
    • Layout_Name1, Layout_Name2...: The name of layout in templates/yt-wedding/layouts folder without tail .xml


  • Font Name - The default font of template is Arial. If you can choose another font using this parameter.
  • Google webfont - This parameter allows to use a google font for some html tags which are in Google webFont targets
  • Google webfont targets - Tags will be applied with google font.
  • Font Size - Here you can set a default size for the template.
  • Show font tool: You can show/hide font tool at the bottom of page
  • Site style - Support style for site. You can choose a default color: pink, violet, black


  • Select a menutype - List menu module
    • Mainmenu
    • Topmenu
    • Usermenu
    • Othermenu
    • Menu-link
    • Keyconcepts
    • Validate-menu
  • Menu Style - We support four styles of Menu
    • CSS Menu
    • Moo Menu
    • Mega Menu
  • Javascript Effect - JS Effect for Moo Menu, Mega Menu
  • Duration Effect - Time to change effects
  • Start Level - Level to start rendering the Menu at
  • End Level - Level to end rendering the Menu at
  • Lavalamp effect - Use Lavalamp effect for Mega Menu and Moo Menu


  • Apply for Blog view - Apply for Blog view
  • Apply for Frontpage view - Apply for Frontpage view
  • Leading Images Width - You can change width of images on Leading Articles.
  • Leading Images Height - You can change height of images on Leading Articles.
  • Intro Images Width - You can change width of images on Intro Articles.
  • Intro Images Height - You can change height of images on Intro Articles.
  • Resized Type - You can change resized type of images.


  • Use Js Compress - This param is used for compressing Js file.
  • Use Css Compress - This param is used for compressing Css file.

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