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SJ Categories Full Userguide

First of all, make sure you always download the newest version. When you buy the module, you already have the last version.
The following documentation applies to the module version 2.5 and later.


- Joomla! v1.7.x, Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x latest stable version are highly recommended.

- Compatible with Virtuemart v2.0.2, v2.0.6 and v2.0.8


1. Please to refer the installation in administrator of module on Joomla! v1.7.x after:
  • In Administrator page, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager
    In this page, click on Choose File button, choose our module and then click Upload & Install

  • Go to Extensions -> Module Manager, click on Select Type box and choose SJ Categories Full ( this is for Content Component, the same for other components )
  • And you can change params for your idea after.
2. And now, please to preview module with layout of SJ Categories Full for example:

  • Image of Category: This is the first image in the content of category.


Let's examine all the detail settings of SJ Categories Full on Joomla! v1.7.x

The parameters are divided into the following areas:
  • General Settings
  • Source Options
  • Categories Options
  • Item Options
  • Advanced Options
  • Module Class Suffix - Please refer here
  • Module Width - Allow you change width for the module
  • Layout - We support 2 layouts for presenting articles in the categroy. Please preview for: Layout 1, Layout 2
  • Open Link - We support 3 modes for opening links:
    • Sample window
    • New window
    • Popup
  • Show Border - Allow to show/hide boder for block
  • Effect - You can change fade/slide effect
  • Data Source - You can choose categories which you want to show on the module
  • Include subcategories - Allow for show articles of subcategories in the parent category
  • Source Filter - Allow filter frontpage articles
    • All Articles: Including featured/not featured articles
    • None Frontpage: No show featured articles
    • Only Frontpage: Show featured articles only
  • Sort Order By - Allow sort order articles by
    • Recently Added
    • Recently Modified
    • Most View
    • Ordering
    • Title
    • Random
  • Article/Category - The limit number of articles which are allowed to show in each category
  • Number column of Categories - The number of categories' columns which are allowed to show on the module
  • Number row of Article - The number of articles' rows which are allowed to show on category
  • Show Category Title - Allow to show category title
  • Link for Category Title - Allow to use link for category title
  • Style Category Title - We support 2 styles for showing title of category
  • Category Image width/height - You can change width/height of category image
  • Category Image Background - You can change background of category image
  • Category Image Mode - We support 4 modes for image:
    • Fill
    • Fit
    • Stretch
    • Center
  • Items Width - You can change width of item
  • Style Description - Support 2 styles for showing description
  • Show article title - Allow to show/not show article title
  • Link for Article Title - Allow to enable/disable link of article title
  • Article title max characters - Shorten title of article by length. Use "-1" to unlimit length
  • Show Article Description - Allow to show/not show article description
  • Article Description Max Characters - Shorten description of article by length.
  • Keep HTML - Strip HTML tag in description or keep them
  • Show Read More - Allow to show Read More
  • Read More Text - You can change read more text here
  • Show Date - Allow for showing created date
  • Show Article Image - Allow to show image of article
  • Link for Article Image - Allow to enable/disable link of article image
  • Article image width/height - Allow to change width/height of Article image
  • Image Background - You can change background of image here
  • Image Mode - We support 4 modes for image:
    • Fill
    • Fit
    • Stretch
    • Center
  • Include jQuery - Allow to choose include jQuery
  • Custom URL - This param allows you to customize the link of each article. If you do not want to go to the detail page of article, you can change the link to another. In the textarea of Custom HTML, please use the following syntax::
    • ArticleID_1:New_URL_1
    • ArticleID_2:New_URL_2
    • ...
    • ArticleID_1, ArticleID_2,... are ids of Articles. You can see the Id column in Article Manager page in VirtueMart Component.
    • New_URL_1, New_URL_2, New_URL_3 are links which you want to replace the orginal links. Format: http://www.newlink.com
  • Pre Text - The content to show at the top of module
  • Post Text - The content to show at the end of module
  • Caching
    • Use Global: Turn on caching
    • No Caching: Turn off caching
  • Cache Times - The time to cache

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