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SJ Sobi2 Slick Slider - Joomla! Module

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Today, we are very happy to announce that SJ Sobi2 Slick Slider has been released for Sobi2 Component. It is a great module with a lot of options for you to configure as your idea. With 2 themes and 2 layouts, you will have 4 types of module. Also, with nice 25 effects, you will have a professional module in your website.

# Main Features
1. Support for Joomla 1.5
2. Support all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...)
3. 2 Themes
4. 25 Effects
5. Support Multi-Module in the same page
6. Support Multi-Language
7. Show entries in Categories or entry Ids
8. Show images with Ascending/Descending of date field, hist field or random
9. Limit the number of entries to show to the module
10. Support SEO (Search engine optimization)
11. Easy to change the title of article: color, background color, the number of characters
12. Support the link to image and title
13. Support opening link in: Same Window, New Window
14. Support Resized or Crop Image
15. Support Pause or Play Slide
16. Support to increase or decrease the speed of each slide
17. Show or hide the next button and the previous button
18. Add note for the module in some cases. - Limit the characters of title and description
19. Support caching to make your website loads faster
20. Custom URL

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