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Tag "position"

Attributes of Position:

  • Width attribute: This is width of position.
  • Height attribute: This is height of position.
  • Type attribute: There're 5 types: modules, component, message, html, feature
  1. Module type: The position contains modules which is enable in there.
  2. Component type: The position contains component which system is calling.
  3. Message type: The position will show messages of system if it sees specific case.
  4. HTML type: The position will contain HTML code which is declared. HTML code will be declared in
  5. Feature type: The content of position will be rendered from function that was declared. Those functions are in yt_template.class.php file on the path: root_site/template/your_template/includes/
    @menu - getMenu()
    @logo - getLogo()
    @linkFooter - getLinkFooter()
    @fontsize - getControlFontSize() 
    @copyright - $this->getCopyright();
    @switch_modes - getSwitchModes()
  • Group attribute: This attribute declared which group is of position
  • Style attribute: This attribute just only used for position tag which has type="module". It declares style of module in position. Style of module is defined in root_site/template/system/html/modules.php or root_site/template/your_template/html/modules.php.
  • Colspan attribute: This attribute just only for positions of and positions of block which declares group. Colspan has two 2 values: 0 and 1. The default value is 0 and it's unnecessary to declare. When colspan="1", width of positon is 100%.
  • Column attribute: This attribute use for position of . It has two values: yt_col1 and yt_col2 which correspond to div#yt_col1 and div#yt_col2 in div#content. Usually, div#content is divided two big columns: div#yt_col1 và div#yt_col2. The position will be in the column which it is declared.

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