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Vt Slideshow Module J1.5

Vt Slideshow Module is a professional module for Joomla. With this module, you can show articles very impression via the image of article. To include articles to this module, your article has an image.


  • Compatible with Joomla 1.5
  • Support all browsers
  • Show articles in categories or sections
  • Show front-page articles
  • Support SEO setting
  • Limit the number of article
  • Direction: Top, Bottom, Left and Right
  • Speed
  • Auto add border width and color for each image
  • Show article in New Window or Same Window

How to use:

  • Download the module
  • Install the module: Go to Extensions -> Install / Uninstall extension
  • Choose some parameters as your idea:
  • Select option: Choose Section or Category
  • Show Group: Choose a section (or a category). You can use shift button to choose multi sections (or Multi Categories)
  • Show article frontpage: Filter articles with front-page mode
  • Sort by field: Choose a criterion to order your articles
  • Sort order by: Ascending or Descending
  • Total articles: The total articles
  • Thumb width
  • Thumb height
  • Direction
  • Steps: # of animation steps. More = smoother, but more CPU intensive
  • Sides: # of sides of the carousel. What's shown = sides/2. Even integer with sides/2< total images is best
  • Speed: Speed of slideshow. Larger = faster.
  • Image Border Width
  • Image Border Color
  • Target: New window or Same Window
  • Choose the position to show the module
  • Click Save or Apply button to save your configuration
  • Check it with your front-page
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