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Full Slider J1.7, J2.5

This module can be used to display full slider images on your home page and you'll see it like a carousel of images. You can show three images at the same time with description for article on opacity of the large thumbnail. There are many features for your ideal. I'm sure that you will enjoy it.

  • Compatible with Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5.x
  • Large Feature Width: Three different possibilities. Value of '0' means take original image width. Between '0' and '1', multiply by original image width. Greater than '1', replace with original image width.
  • Large Feature Height: See above, but for height instead of width.
  • Small Feature Width: Three different possibilities. Value of '0' means take HALF original image width. Between '0' and '1', multiply by original image width. Greater than '1', replace with original image width.
  • Small Feature Height: See above, but for height instead of width.
  • Carousel Speed: Speed in milliseconds it takes for one rotation to complete.
  • AutoPlay: If greater than '0', time in milliseconds the carousel will wait before automatically rotating.
  • Left Button Tag: The identifer used for the left button/arrow to move the carousel. Use jQuery notation.
  • Right Button Tag: Same as above, but for the right button.
  • Articles Total: Total article which you want to show in the module
  • Categories: You can choose the category which you want to show
  • Sort Order By: You can change order of article in category
  • Background Color for Title: The background color for Title of article on Opacity
  • Caption Below: Display the caption BELOW the image instead of on top of it.
  • Max length of title: The limited character of article titlel
  • Footer note: Footer text of module


First of all, make sure you always download the latest version. If you just bought the extension, you already have the latest version.
The following documentation applies to the module version 1.0 and later.


- Joomla! v1.6.x latest stable version is highly recommended.


  • In Administrator page, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager
    In this page, click on Browse.. button, choose our module and then click Upload File & Install

  • Go to Extensions -> Module Manager, choose option Select type and find Full Slider
  • And you can change params for your ideal after


The parameters are divided into the following areas:
  • Article Filter
  • For Title and Link
  • For Images
  • Effect
  • Themes and Color
  • Advanced
  • Module Class Suffix - please refer here
  • Width Module - Allows you to add a width for the module.
  • Categories - here you can choose some categories which you want to read articles for the module
  • For Featured Articles - Allow you to filter articles with 3 options:
    • Hide featured Articles: hide item which are featured item
    • Only featured Articles: Show featured item only
    • Include featured Articles: Show all item
  • Sort order by - Allow you to sort order articles by
    • Recently Added First: Show latest articles
    • Recently Modified First: Show latest modified articles
    • Ordering
    • Title: sort order by alphabet
    • Most popular: sort order by hits
    • Least popular: sort order by hits
    • Random
  • Total Articles - Total articles which you want to show in module
  • Show Title and brief description - You can show/off Title and brief description simultaneously
  • Show Title of Article - You can show/off Title of Article
  • Max length Description - The number of characters of description
  • Link of Title - Enable/Disable link for Title of Article
  • Show Brief Description with - You can show/off brief description
  • Characters of article description
    • Count characters
    • Use entire description text
  • Max length of Description - The number of character of Brief Description
  • Remove HTML tags of article description
    • Keeping HTML code: the module will keep html code in description
    • Removing HTML code: the module will remove all html code before cutting
  • Open Link
    • Same window: open the link in the same window
    • New window: open the link in new window
    • Popup: open the link in new window without navigation
  • Custom Url Data Source - Custom Url Data Source of articles only support for source from Categories or Ids. Syntax:
    • Id1=>url=linkURL1|image=linkimage1
    • Id2=>url=linkURL2|image=linkimage2
    • ...
  • Intro text - the content to show at the top of module
  • Footer text - the content to show at the end of module
  • Link For Image - Allow to show/hide link for Content Image
  • Large Thumbnail Width - width of Large Image
  • Large Thumbnail Height - height of Large Image
  • Small Thumnail Width - Width for Small Thumnail
  • Small Thumnail Height - Height for Small Thumnail
  • Thumbnail mode
    • Using Resize
    • Using crop
    • Using image source
  • Auto Play - Yes/No
  • Pause when hover - Slideshow'll be paused when you hover on module
  • Stop when hover - Slideshow'll be stoped when you hover on module
  • Easing effec - Swing/ Linear
  • Starting slide in center - This indicates which feature will begin in the center
  • Slideshow speed - time to show one slide
  • Timer speed - time to change slide
  • Alternatie Layout - Default
  • Background of module - Background of module
  • Background color of title - Background color of Title
  • Title Color - Allow you change color of article title
  • Description color of articles - Allow you change color of article description
  • Background color of number tag - Allow to change background of number tag
  • Show left and right button - enable/disable left and right button
  • Show button of article number -enable/disable article number
  • Show button of total articles - enable/disable total article

  • Caching
    • Do not use Cache: Turn off caching
    • Use Cache: Turn on caching
  • Cache Times - the time to cache
  • Include jQuery Library - enable/disable jquery library. If the template is loading a jquery library, you can turn off jquery of the module to do your site loading faster

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  • Last modified on: 30 June 2017
  • Created: 21 May 2011
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Compatible: J1.7 J2.5
  • Forum: Forum
  • Download: Download Now

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