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Subject: Sj Filter for K2 - by: Fabster82 I want to generate a query for the fields of the K2 content.

The database is filled with data from hotels that have specialized in conferences.
The user of the homepage should be able to filter the right hotel.
The user searches for a hotel with up to 300 conference participants.
Now, after filtering, the hotels that can accommodate 300, 500 or even more conference participants should appear on the website. Hotels with less than 299 conference participants should no longer be displayed.

How can this be done?

Further queries of the same type should be able to be added.

Ask for help.]]>
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Subject: What I have to do to .... - by: fsguegl I need for some Virtuemart Add On ( SJ ) i have seen listed.
What I Have to do to access download or buy ?
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