Yt Toolbar Plugin

First of all, make sure you always download the latest version. If you just bought the extension, you already have the latest version.
The following documentation applies to the plugin version 1.0 and later.


– Joomla! v1.5.x and Joomla! v1.6.x latest stable version is highly recommended.


  • Download Yt Toolbar Plugin here
  • In Administrator page, go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall
  • In this page, click on Browse.. button, choose our plugin and then click Upload File & Install
  • Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager, choose option Select type – System and find Yt Toolbar
  • And now, let’s change parameters to our ideas.


The parameters are divided into the following areas:

  • General Settings
  • Tabs Options
  • Theme Options
  • Social Options

Let’s examine all the settings in detail:


  • Status Default: you can choose yes/no. This is the first status
  • width Toolbar Type: Percentage/Pixel
  • Toolbar Width: Allows to add a width for the toolbar
  • Toolbar Height: Allows to add a height for the toolbar
  • Choose pages to display: Please choose some Pages which you want to show this plugin. Syntax: ID1, ID2…
  • Home Link – Icon: Yes/No
  • Show Copyright: Yes/No
  • Copyright text: You can edit text of Copyright by using HTML code.


The plugin allows you to add 10 tabs into the toolbar.

  • Tab Title: here you change tab title
  • Columns Width: width for each column on this tab.
    • Syntax: column1-width1,column2-width2…
    • Example: 200,300,200
  • Columns: Number column on each tab
  • Tab Type: we support 2 types for showing tabs.
    • Module – Using modules for this tab
    • Html – Using Html for this tab
  • Module List: Using for Tab Type = Module. You can choose some modules which you want to show on this tab
  • Alternate Menu HTML: Using for Tab Type = HTML. You can create some HTML code paragraphs which you want to show on this tab.


  • Dropdown show when: Hover or Click on Tabs with dropdown show
  • Toolbar Position: we support for position at Bottom of page
  • Effects: we support 3 effects when you hover or click on tab, include Fade/SLide/Normal
  • Speed: speed of showing dropdown on each tab
  • Background Toolbar: You can choose background for toolbar
  • Background Menu Items: You can choose background for Menu Items
  • Color Title: Allow to change color Title on tabs
  • Color Title Active: Allow to change color Title on tabs when actived


The plugin allows you to show 10 icons for your idea. You can use these icons for social pages or external links.

  • Connect us text: You can change text for connect
  • Tool text: You can change text for tool
  • Link Window: New window/same window
  • Icon Image 01: here you show path of icon
  • Icon text 01: here you edit text for icon
  • Icon URL 01: enter the link you want to use