SO Recently Viewed Items

This guide will help you install SO So Recently Viewed Items step by step.

1REQUIREMENT – Back to top

At the basic level, this module will require the following conditions:

  • Compatible with version OpenCart: OpenCart 2.x
  • Have responsive

2INSTALLATION – Back to top

2.1 FTP Configuration

There are two ways to configure FTP

Option 1:

Step 1: Please go to System >> Settings >> Your Store >> Click “Edit” button

Step 2: Click FTP tab and enter the FTP username & password…

Option 2:

Step 1:Please go Here to dowload file XML of “Quick Fix”

Step 2: Please go to Extensions >> Extension Installer >> Click Upload and select file XML which you just dowloaded

Then You should see the message Success

Step 3: Go to Extension >> Modifications >> Click “Refresh” button

2.2 Module Installation

Prepare your module package

  • In your Administrator page, go to Extensions >> Extension Installer >> Click Upload and select file

    Then You should see the message Success

  • In this page, choose module “So Recently Viewed Items”, click Install button

  • Please wait for module being installed, usually within several seconds
  • To Create the name of this module, please go to Extensions >> Modules >> Choose module “So Recently Viewed Items” >> Click “Edit” button


  • Enter the name of the Module and fill the fields in the tabs. Then click “Save” button
  • To Edit the module you have created, there are two ways
    • Options 1: Choose the module you have Created >> Then Edit it
    • Options 2: Please go to Extensions >> Modules >> Choose the module you have Created >> Click “Edit” button
  • After you have installed and configured a module you can add it to a layout: Please go to Design >> Layouts >> Choose the layout you want to display
  • For Example: we choose “Home” layout

    After you have selected the layout you want to display, please go to Design >> Layouts >> Choose Product >> Click “Edit” button >> Choose the module you have created.


3.1 Module Demo

3.2 Module Configuration

So Recently Viewed Items are configured in 4 groups of parameters following:

  • General Options
  • Products Options
  • Type Options
  • Advanced Options

General Options.

  • Class Suffix – Allow you to choose another CSS class that suits your module.
  • Open Link – Allow to set target for links:
    • New Window.
    • Same Window.
  • Position Module – Allow you to choose the Position of the module: /right.
  • Time Cookie – Allow you to enter time is saved in a cookie.
  • Count – The number of item to display. The default value of 0 will display all product.

Products Options.

  • Display Title – Allow to display title of product OR not.
  • Title Maxlength – Max length of title by characters. Enter value 0 if you want to show all. Please enter integer number >= 0.
  • Display Product Image – Allow to display Product Image or Not.
  • Product Image Number – Allow to show number image for product.
  • Width – Allow to set width of image.
  • Height – Allow to set height of image.
  • Display Rating – Allow to show/hide rating for product.
  • Display Price – Allow to show price or not.
  • Display Sale – Allow to display sale button or not.
  • Display New – Allow to display image New or not.
  • Date day New – Allow to enter number day of product new.

Type Options.

  • Type Module – Allow to select type list or slider for module.
  • Top – Allow to choose style top for module: % or px.

Advanced Options.

  • Pre-text – Allow to enter intro text of the module.
  • Post-text – Allow to enter footer text of the module.
  • Caching – Select whether to cache the content of this module.
  • Cache Time – The time in seconds before the module is recached.

4SUPPORT – Back to top

Thank you so much for purchasing this module. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much!