So Extra Slider

This guide will help you install SO Extra Slider – Version 1.0.1 step by step.

1REQUIREMENT – Back to top

At the basic level, this module will require the following conditions:

  • Compatible with version OpenCart: OpenCart 2.x
  • Have responsive

2INSTALLATION – Back to top

Prepare your module package

  • Firstly, you need to UNZIP file that you have downloaded .
  • Secondly, copy file that you have unzipped and paste into htdoc/open_cart
  • In your Administrator page, go to Extensions -> Modules. In this page, choose module “SO Extra Slider”, click Install button

  • Please wait for module being installed, usually within several seconds
  • To Create the name of this module, please go to Extensions >> Modules >> Choose module “SO Extra Slider” >> Click “Edit” button
  • Enter the name of the Module and fill the fields in the tabs. Then click “Save” button
  • To configure this module, please go to Extensions >> Modules >> Choose the module you have Created >> Click “Edit” button
  • After you have installed and configured a module you can add it to a layout: Please go to System >> Design >> Layouts >> Choose the layout you want to display
  • For Example: we choose “Home” layout


3.1 Module Demo

3.2 Module Configuration

SO Extra Slider are configured in 6 groups of parameters following:

  • General Options
  • Source Options
  • Products Options
  • Image Options
  • Effect Options
  • Advanced

General Options.

  • Module Class Suffix – Allow to input class suffix.
  • Open Link – Allow to set target for links:
    • New Window.
    • Same Window.
  • Button Page – Allow to choose type of Button Page: Top/Under
  • # Column – Allow to set number of column for each device:
    • For devices have screen width from 1200px to greater.
    • For devices have screen width from 992px up to 1200px.
    • For devices have screen width from 768px up to 992px.
    • For devices have screen width from 480px up to 768px.
    • For devices have screen width less than or equal 480px.
  • Rows – Allow to enter Number rows

Source Options.

  • Category – Allow to choose categories which you want to show.
  • Child Category Products – Allow to include or exclude products from child categories.
  • Category Depth – The number of child category levels to return.
  • Product Order By – Allow to choose 1 of 7: Name/Model/Price/Quantity/Rating/Sort Order/Date Add.
  • Ordering Direction – Allow to select ordering direction: Ascending/Descending.
  • Limitation – Maximum number of products to display. Enter “0″ for unlimited.

Products Options.

  • Display Title – Allow to display title of item OR not.
  • Title Maxlength – The maxlength of item’s title. Set “0” to show full title.
  • Display Description – Allow to display description of item OR not.
  • Description Maxlength – The max length of item’s description can be showed.
  • Display Price – Allow to display Price OR not..
  • Display Readmore Link – Allow to show/hide link for Read More.
  • Readmore Text – Allow to insert the text for readmore link..
  • Display add to cart – Allow to display add to cart or not.
  • Display Wishlish – Allow to display wishlish or not.
  • Display Compare – Allow to display Compare or not.
  • Display Rating – Allow to show/hide Rating.
  • Display Sale – Allow to show/hide image Sale.
  • Display New – Allow to display image New or not.
  • Dateday New – Allow to enter number day of product new.
  • Product Image Number – Allow to show number image for product.

Image Options.

  • Display Image – Allow to show/hide Product Image.
  • Get Image From Tab Data – Allow to Get Image From Tab Data or not.
  • Get Image From Tab Image – Allow to Get Image From Tab image.
  • Width – Allow to set width of image.
  • Height – Allow to set height of image.
  • Placeholder Path (or Url) – The path(or URL) of default image.

Effect Options

  • Margin Right Item – Allow to enter Margin-right (px) on Item
  • SlideBy Item – Navigation slide by x. page string can be set to slide by page.).
  • Auto Play – Allow you set for slideshow auto play OR not.
  • Auto Interval Timeout – Autoplay interval timeout for slider.
  • Pause On Hover – Allow slideshow effect stop when hover OR Not.
  • Auto Play Speed – Allow to set speed of timer (larger = slower).
  • Smart Speed – Allow to set Smart speed of auto play.
  • Start Position Item – Allow to Start position or URL Hash string like #id.
  • Mouse Drag – Allow to Enable/Disable Mouse Drag.
  • Touch Drag – Allow to Enable/Disable Touch Drag.
  • Pull Drag – Allow to set the pull drag on the smart devices OR not.
  • Effect – Allow to choose type of effect.
  • Show Pagination – Allow show/hide Pagination for module.
  • Pagination Speed – Allow to set Pagination Speed.
  • Show Navigation – Allow show/hide Navigation for module.
  • Navigation Speed – Allow to set Navigation for module.
  • Duration – Allow to set how long animation will run (Lager = Slower).
  • Delay – Allow to set a timer to delay the excution of the next item in the queue (Lager = Slower).


  • Pre-text – Allow to enter intro text of the module.
  • Post-text – Allow to enter footer text of the module.
  • Caching – Select whether to cache the content of this module.
  • Cache Time – The time in seconds before the module is recached.

4SUPPORT – Back to top

Thank you so much for purchasing this module. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much!