SJ Zoo Slideshow

First of all, make sure you always download the newest version. When you buy the module, you already have the last version.
The following documentation applies to the Zoo extension – Sj Slideshow for Zoo


– Joomla!3.x


1. Please to refer the installation in administrator of module on Joomla! v1.7.x after:

  • In Administrator page, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager
    In this page, click on Choose File button, choose our module and then click Upload & Install
  • Go to Extensions -> Module Manager, click on Select Type box and choose SJ Zoo Slideshow
  • And you can change params for your idea after.

2. And now, please to preview module with layout of SJ Zoo Slideshow:


The parameters are divided into the following areas:

  • Article Filter
  • For Title and Link
  • For Images
  • Effect
  • Themes and Layouts
  • Advanced Options


  • Theme – Select the demo
  • Open Link – Choose the link target

Source Option

  • Zoo Application – Choose the application
  • Zoo Categories – Select the categories to dislay
  • Child Category Article – Include/Exclude
  • Category Depth – Set the category depth
  • Sort By – Sort the item by many item’s field
  • Ordering Direction – Order the item
  • Source Filter – Select the source filter
  • Count – The number of displaying item

If you have any issue about this extension, please kindly submit a ticket or post to our forum, our technical will help you in 24 hours.