SJ Scroller

First of all, make sure you always download the newest version. When you bought the module, you already had the last version.
The following documentation applies to the scroller Joomla modules.


–  Joomla 3.x


1. Please navigate to the installation panel in administrator of module on Joomla:

  • In Administrator page, go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall
    In this page, click on Browse.. button, choose our module and then click Upload File & Install
  • Go to Extensions -> Module Manager, choose option SJ Scroller.
  • And you can change the parameters for your module as following part

2. Please preview module with layout of SJ K2 Scroller for example:

  • Image of Article: This is the image in the description of Article
  • Title of Article: Title of the article showing


Let’s examine all the settings detail on SJ Content Simple Tabs

The parameters are divided into the following areas:

  • General Settings
  • Content Options
  • Advance


  • Module Class Suffix: Please refer here
  • Item Type
    • Category: Choose category to be showing
    • Item Ids: Choose Item Ids to be showing
  • Item Ids – Here you can type Item Ids you want to show
  • Select Categories – Select Categories which you want to show articles
  • Featured Items – Allow you to filter articles with 3 options:
    • Hide Featured Items: Hide articles which are frontpage articles
    • Show Featured Items Only: Show frontpage articles only
    • Include Featured Items: Show all articles
  • Sort Order By – Allow you to sort order articles by
    • Recently Added First
    • Recently Modified
    • Order
    • Title
    • Random
  • Items count – The number of articles which is showed
  • Theme – Please change theme which you want to show. We support 3 themes for your module.


  • Show Title – Allow to enable/disable title of article
  • Title Max Chars – The max number of characters of article title which can be showed in the module. If you want to unlimit length, you can choose “-1”
  • Title Background – Allow to change color of title background
  • Title Color – Allow to change color of Title
  • Show Navigation Button – Allow to enable/disable navigation button
  • Open Link
    • Same window: Open the link in the same window
    • New window: Open the link in the new window
  • Custom URL – This param allows you to customize the link of each article. If you do not want to go to the detail page of article, you can change the link to another. In the textarea of Custom HTML, please use the following syntax::
      • ArticleID_1:New_URL_1
      • ArticleID_2:New_URL_2


    • ArticleID_1, ArticleID_2,… are ids of articles. You can see the Id column in Article Manager page
    • New_URL_1, New_URL_2, New_URL_3 are links which you want to replace the orginal links. Format:
  • Show Intro Text – Allow to enable/disable Footer Text of module
  • Show Footer Text – Allow to enable/disable Footer Text of module
  • Intro Text – You can insert text which you want to show in the intro of module
  • Footer Text – You can insert text which you want to show in the footer of module
  • Thumbnail Width – You can change width for thumbnail
  • Thumbnail Height – You can change height for thumbnail
  • Resized Image Mode – We support 2 modes for thumbnail
  • Show View all – Allow to enable/disable Show all
  • Auto Play –  Allow to enable /disable auto play of scroller
  • Slideshow Speed – The speed of slideshow
  • Timer Speed – The speed of timer


  • Caching
    • Do not use Cache: Turn off caching
    • Use Cache: Turn on caching
  • Include jQuery – enable/disable jQuery Library.
  • Cache Times – The time to cache
  • Note – The content to show with module