SJ Market Module

This guide will help you install SJ Market step by step.

1REQUIREMENT – Back to top

At the basic level, this module will require the following conditions:

  • Compatible with version Joomla: Joomla! 2.5.x, Joomla 3.x

2INSTALLATION – Back to top

Prepare your module package

  • Firstly, you need to UNZIP file that you have downloaded.
  • Secondly, install main module (extracted mod_ file):
  • In your Administrator page, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager. In this page, click Choose File, select module package: “mod_sj_market_j3x-res_v1.0.0”
  • Then click Upload & Install

  • Please wait for module being installed, usually within several seconds
  • Now go to Extensions -> Module Manager, click Select Type box and choose the module you have installed
  • Prepare to perform Module Configuration


3.1 Below is module layout

3.2 Module Configuration

Notes:We used the images of module’s installation on Joomla 3.x to illustrate

After installing, go to Extension -> Module Manager and find SJ Market to configure

SJ Market are configured in 2 groups of parameters following:

  • Detail Options
  • Module Options

Detail Options

  • Title * – Shows title of module
  • Show Title – Shows/Hides module title
  • Position – Shows position of module
  • Status – If published, this module will display on your site frontend or backend depending on the module.
  • Access – Allow someone to access:
    • Public
    • Guest
    • Registered
    • Special
    • Customer Access Level
  • Ordering – Select the ordering
  • Start Publishing – Shows an optional date to start publishing the module
  • Finish Publishing – Shows an optional date to finish publishing the module
  • Language – Assign a language to this module
  • Note – Shows an optional note to display in module list

Module Options

  • Title – Insert title of table.
  • Module Class Suffix – Allows a suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module.
  • Set Area Name Tab 1 – Allows to set area name tab 1.
  • Shares code Tab 1 – Allows to get code stocks.


For example: Get stocks of “TASI”

  • Step 1: Please go here to get stocks
  • Step 2: Select one in list of “World markets”

  • Step 3: Copy code

  • Step 4: Navigate to the parameter “Shares Code Tab 1” and type “name of stocks=code of stocks”.
    For example: Tadawul=TADAWUL:TASI

4SUPPORT – Back to top

Thank you so much for purchasing this module. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much!