How to translate your website use SJ Template

If you want translate your website using SJ Template to your language, please following these steps:

1. Search your language package for Joomla in Search Engine (ex: Google, Yahoo, Bing…)
2. Install language package (like as you install templates or extentions…)
3. Please choose default Language in Language Manager. In ‘Content’ tab, create new language to use in content (in menu, module, com content….).
4. Please copy all language file of templates, modules and components in en-GB folder (yoursite\language\en-GB) example: en-GB.tpl_sj_template.ini, en-GB.mod_sj_k2_extraslider… to yoursite\language\your_language (example: ru-RU) and rename these file to ru-RU.tpl_sj_template.ini, ru-RU.mod_sj_k2_extraslider…
5. Translate from English to your language in these file.