How to Install SJ Joomla Plugin

This guide will help you How To Install SJ Joomla Plugin step by step.

Table of content as following:

1HOW TO DOWNLOAD – Back to top

Note: We used SJ Royal Template for example

Download Packages from our store:

Step 1: Login your account

Step 2: Go to Joomla > Download > Joomla Templates Club

Step 3: Under Premium Joomla Templates –> click to download template as you want

Step 4: Under name of template –> Download  Extension packages


Install with Plugin

Below is list of Plugins that are used in the template.

You will need only be using the zipped files in “Extensions” folders mentioned above.

Step 1: Log in your Administrator, go to Extensions > Extension Manager

Step 2: Click Choose File/Browse button, select our plugins file you have downloaded >> Upload & Install.

Step 4: Enable/Public plugins. Note: all plugins listed are imperative.

  • Yt Framework Plugin supports to add extra parameters used with Mega Menu and to compress CSS/JS/HTML when optimizing code. Besides, configure Yt Framework to show SJ Help with Report Bugs, Template Tutorials and YT Framework Tutorials or include jQuery into template. You can go here for getting more information of this plugin.
  • YT Shortcodes supports users to make content for web pages. In Joomla administrator, YT Shortcodes button will be appeared below the text-area, you can choose shortcodes for the text-area to make content. Click here for viewing the screenshot of backend
  • SJ Content Related News is used for showing other related articles in the same category. For more info about this module, please go here. Click here for viewing the screenshot of backend.

You need to install and activate them when using this template. Let’s start from 1 – 2 – 3 to active plugins as below:

3SUPPORT – Back to top

Thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Submit a Ticket

Thanks so much!