How to config SJ Template: Global Settings

The guide use for Joomla 2.5.x and yt framework version 1

First you have to login administrator, choose Extensions->Template Manager. Please click on sj_template to edit.

In Global Settings:
Generator Tag field: For example you enter: “SmartAddons.Com – the high quality products!”, it will generate meta tag in head tag on your site:

– Hide Main Content Block field : it is option that allow you display or hide content Component in Home page.
Example, if your Home menu assign to Featured Articles, but you setting ‘Hide Main Content Block’ is ‘Yes’, these Featured Articles will not display on the home page, and ‘No’, it will display.
Template Width Type: You can choose width of template is ‘pixel’ or ‘percentage’, example 980px or 100%.
Template Width: The width of sj template. In some case, we will fix width of template on css file following the design.
Direction: Type of display of sj template. LTR is mean Left-To-Right, or RTL is mean Right-To-Left.
Logo Type: you can choose display logo that is text or image, if you choose text, your logo will display text in ‘Logo Text’ field and ‘Slogan’ field. If you choose images, it will display logo file (default: yoursite\templates\sj_template\images\logo.png).