FAQs Videos Collection About Configuration On Opencart Theme

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In this article, we will guide you some instructions and tips in term of configuration on OpenCart Theme.

Here is the list of FAQs you often got when building an OpenCart Site:

1. How to Install Quickstart Opencart Theme and Configure It? See detail: Click Here

2. How to install the theme? See video: Click Here

3. How to config So Mega menu? See video: Click Here

4. How to configure So Deal? See video: Click Here

5. How to install the Simple blog and configure So Latest blog? See videoClick Here

6. How to edit shortcode in So Page Builder? See videoClick Here

7. How to install language? (example: turkey) See videoClick Here

8. How to change slideshow images? See videoClick Here

9. How to configure menu in mobile? See video: Click Here

10. How do I change icon in vertical menu? See videoClick Here

11. How to add social share in product page? See video:  Click Here

12. How to change configure in popup category (http://prntscr.com/i595gy)? See video: Click Here

13. How to configure facebook social login? See videoClick Here

14. How to change logo in opencart? See videoClick Here

15. How to choose number products in every category page and settings image width height? See video: Click Here

16. How to add Featured product? See video: Click Here


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Hope these quick questions & answers will useful for you!

Note: And if there is any question, please go to our Help Center to open a ticket, our technical Supporter will assist right!

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