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[Tips] How to use Wordpress keyboard shortcuts effectively

Nowadays, high technology has changed our world, our life and the way of working. We have entered in 21th century with one-enormous-step of hi-tech: Computer- it is not new with human. We use it for everything task in life: learning, studying, searching, working, shopping, and many other things.

[Tips] How to use Wordpress keyboard shortcuts effectively
In norrmal way, we often use keyboard shortcuts for time saving in our works, however; we only know some familiar such as CTR A, CTR V, CTR C, CTR P..etc, and how do you use other available keyboard shortcuts in WordPress? In this post, i will guide you how to use these WordPress Keyword Shortcuts in Post Editor and Text Editor as well.


Shortcuts are available in WordPress ( because WordPress itself set a shortcut system inside), you can login admin panel and see all the shortcuts in post editor. Here’s the quick and easy way to view it:

 Wordpress useful keyboard shortcuts


Okay, Now i will divide them in 2 groups, then explaining their meaning in the next blank.

1, Ctrl + Key (letter or number)
2, Alt+ shift + key

For group 1: Ctrl + key ( Note: Mac users can use Command key instead of Ctrl )

CTRL + Arrow Forward or Arrow Back: To Highlight Certain Text

CTRL + A : Select All

CTRL + C: Copy

CTRL + V: Paste

CTRL + X: Cut

CTRL + Z: Undo

CTRL + Y: Redo

(For adjusting text style and formatting of document).

CTRL + B: Bold

CTRL + I: Italics

CTRL + 9: Address

CTRL + U: Underline

CTRL + K: Insert or Edit Link

CTRL + 1: Heading 1

CTRL + 2: Heading 2

CTRL + 3: Heading 3

CTRL + 4: Heading 4

CTRL + 5: Heading 5

CTRL + 6: Heading 6

(Tips For Distraction Free Writing Mode:

Here are 3 nice quick shortcuts if you like to use the Distraction Free Writing mode in WordPress. You will want to press the (+) and (-) keys to execute these actions:

CTRL and + : To Widen The Screen

CTRL and – : To Narrow The Screen

CTRL and 0 (zero): To Put The Screen Back To Default Size

For group 2: ALT + Shift + key

Alt + Shift + n = Check Spelling

Alt + Shift + l = Align Left

Alt + Shift + j = Justify Text

Alt + Shift + c = Align Center

Alt + Shift + d = Strikethrough

Alt + Shift + r = Align Right

Alt + Shift + u = Unordered List

Alt + Shift + a = Insert link

Alt + Shift + o = Numeric List

Alt + Shift + s = Remove link

Alt + Shift + q = Quote

Alt + Shift + m = Insert Image

Alt + Shift + w = Full screen distraction free writing mode

Alt + Shift + t = Insert More Tag

Alt + Shift + p = Insert Page Break tag

Alt + Shift + h = Rich text editor help


In conclusion, by some small tips, you can make your tasks more easy than ever in very simple way. Using keyboard shortcuts you can rest your hand on keyboard, and edit post quicker without any click.

Now, you can try it with your post:

"I really love you, my dear customer! "

Thanks for your reading, please keep following us to get more tips on WordPress in the part: How To use Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments

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